Monday, March 14, 2011

Balloons, Ball, and Baby (Angel)


Another boring week at work, although Thursday I gave my lungs a complete workout.  I didn’t know that I had so much hot air and surprised that I didn’t pass out.  There were several of us that in between calls that blew up 217 balloons to fill up our supervisor’s office for  her birthday.  This was for Friday when I wouldn’t be there.

           IMG00042              IMG00043



                              That’s Kimi trying to work amongst all the balloons.

Sometimes we do have fun and always eat.  There was a pineapple upside down cake.

This is where I was on Friday.  Another day of physical therapy.  I now have a lot of different exercises that I can do at home for strengthening and balance.  I also have some that I can do in a pool or preferably in a hot tub.  I really like to be warm.  This can be tougher than it seems.  Try rolling a ball up and down the wall.


Two hours later, after all the exercises here, it was into the pool where I got to run and paddle around and again doing more resistance and balancing acts.  Reward was the Hot Tub. 

Later I went to IKEA to get some linens for a couple of twin bed that my neighbor gave me for Mellissa’s kids when she gets here.  I am really looking forward to having overnight guests on Thursday.  Mary and Jack are from Georgia.  They have been visiting other friends in Reno for a few days and after visiting with me they will be flying back home on Friday.    Mary was here for a visit last May, but I haven’t seen Jack since I was there in 1995.

Saturday was another day of cleaning and a bit of yard work.  I also watched a couple of movies on Netflix.

Sunday was church and I finished the guest bedroom. 

I will finish this and get myself off to bed.  I hope that everyone out there had a great week end.


Good Night All and thanks for visiting


Susan and Angel         

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