Monday, March 21, 2011

Visitors, Errands and Planting


Thursday I left work early to pick up friends from Georgia.  They would be spending the night and flying back to Atlanta on Friday morning.  I hadn’t seen Jack for quite a long time, although Mary has been to visit every few years.  It was great to visit with them.  I brought them home so that they could rest before we went out to dinner at the Olive Garden in Citrus Heights.  Jack and I shared the Chicken Scampi and Mary had the Eggplant Parmesan.  We all enjoyed our meals.  I still think that the salad and bread sticks are great.  I was able to bring some home for another meal later.  When we got home I made some peach/pineapple sorbet for our dessert.   I have a Vita Mix, so it was so easy and quick and very good.


We caught up on what we all have been doing.  Jack is still recovering for heart surgery and doing well.  Mary is in the process of setting up a trip to Ireland and Scotland in June for her and Jack and several other people.  I wish that I would be able to go.  I really liked Scotland and would love to go to Ireland.  I’m sure that they will all have a wonderful trip.

Friday morning I made a big omelet to share, toast/bagels, and coffee for breakfast.  We then got moving so that we could get them to the airport by 9:30.   Mary called to let me know when they got to the gate and when the got home (a half hour early).  They evidently had a tail wind.  

On the way home I had some business to take care of at my lawyer’s office and ran a few errands.   What those errand were, I don’t even remember now. 

Saturday I went to Costco to see if I could find a Fireproof Lock Box for keeping important papers and such that I will be able to take when I get out on the road.  I’m afraid that they didn’t have one there, (only regular safes), but I will have to order it on line when I’m ready to get one.  I didn’t get out of there without buying something. (fat chance that will ever happen)  I bought some Spring bulbs and planted them when I got home.  I sure hope that will brighten up the patio.  I now have to fix the gazebo.  What with the high winds that we had, some of the framework  came apart.

Later in the evening I went to our annual Saint Patrick’s Day (plus 2)  Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner at church.  Our men’s group puts this on as a fund raiser.

Then on Sunday there was church and afterwards I went home and rearranged the bedroom furniture for when Mellissa and the kids get here.

Today was another boring day at work.  Just thinking about it makes me tired and I need to get to bed.  Tomorrow morning will come early.

I hope that everyone out there in blog land had a good weekend and will have a better week.


Good Night to all and thanks for visiting

Susan and Angel

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