Saturday, July 23, 2011

Another Week and Got The Hitch and The Itch



                                 Come on over, have seat and visit.

One more week closer to my goal.  This week I had to work all four days.  I can’t imagine how hard it will be in February to be at work when I will be so close to being out on the road.  When I am on the phones now I just take one call at a time and most of the time the callers are pleasant and happy that I can answer their questions and solve their problems, although in between calls my mind is definitely not at work.  I guess you could say that I have short timer’s disease.  Just  about everyone at work knows what my plan is and most of them are very supportive and wish that they could do it too.  Of  course I tell them, if they really want to, they can,  Where there’s a will, there’s a way! 


I decided that I would make some mini muffins.  Of course while in the process, I got a call from Folsom Lake RV letting me know that I could get the hitch installed, when I was finished, Angel and I brought the truck to FLRV to get it’s new addition. 

       DSC00356         DSC00357

I had the hitch installed,  It is a Super Glide by PullRite..  The next time Ted is here, he will install the capture plate on the king pin for me.(They would have installed that  too, but unfortunately, they don’t do house calls)  They also installed a Prodigy P2 braking control.  Now I will have to learn how to use both of them.  Now I know what the “itch” feels like.


It has been awhile since I had been to enjoy Steve sing and play the keyboard at the winery.  I called Helen (from church) to see if she wanted to come with me.  She, fortunately was free, so I picked her up at 6 pm.  We decided to have dinner at The Spaghetti Factory in Folsom and then went across the way to Vintner’s Cellar Custom Winery ( to have a glass of wine and listen to Steve on the keyboard.  We, as  usual, enjoyed his performance and our conversation.   If you are interested, you can visit his website at It was getting a bit late, so we headed home.


After breakfast I tackled cleaning my oven.  Last weekend I made a casserole for a potluck at church and didn’t realize that it had spilled over while cooking and baked it in when I made the muffins.  I never have liked cleaning an oven. (chemical, smells, etc.)  Awhile back, I purchased the Shark Steam Cleaning System.  This was the perfect test. It worked!  It took a little longer than I thought it would, but did a great job, no smell and sanitized everything.

A little while later got a call from Kyle, Steve’s wife.  She was able to find some time in her busy schedule to see my new “digs”.  She has heard so much about “My Spot”, that she wanted to see it, so of course she got the official tour.  I guess that she was pleasantly surprised, but not what she expected.  She had lots of questions and I was happy to answer them.

A little while later I went to visit my neighbors, Eric and Carol Anderson. 


They have a large MH (Allegro Bus) and 3 fur kids.  We shared what’s going on in our lives and then they came over to “My Spot”.  Eric and Carol have been RVing since 1999.  While here he gave me a copy of his book, Campin’ and Computin’ , A Basic Guide For RVer’s New to Computers.  I just started reading it and so far I like his writing style. 

I guess that I have rambled on enough for this post.

Thanks for sitting awhile and visiting with

Susan and Angel


  1. You've had a busy couple of days! The front of Spot looks very inviting. I hope the weather cools a bit so you will be able to enjoy it more. Glad the hitch got installed, you'll be "on the road" before you know it. :)

  2. Glad you got that hitch you are ready to roll!!