Friday, July 15, 2011

Out of There and Settled in “MY SPOT”


                  This picture is for Gypsy,to show the distance between sites.



Thursday night a week ago

The last of the sale items are gone, except for the armoires and heat press.  Tim (on the right in picture below), bought the steel shelves. Both he and Brian, his friend helped load up the truck.  Lilly bought the microwave.  (Sorry no picture.)

                                    DSC00341    DSC00344    DSC00343

I have everything that I want out of the old place. 

The next day,  I brought the last of the stuff to Saint John’s Center for Women.  It is a center where women and children are helped until they can get on their feet.  They have a warehouse where they are able to choose whatever they need when they leave at no charge.  Any other place that I could have taken it to would have charged for those things.  I wish that I had known that they took donations before, the leftovers from the yard sale would have gone there.  When I go through the rest of the STUFF, whatever doesn’t make the final cut will go there. 

Before it got too hot, Angel and I took a trip to Pet Smart to get her some  more food and treats.  She likes to go there because she can go inside.  We watched a little black poodle get some training and Angel discovered the “birdies”.  She, of course, had to say “hello”.


Then Saturday morning, Steve,who is on my team at work came over to pick up some extra  camping stuff, so some more stuff went to his boy scout troop.

Other than a trip to the store,for some adhesive backed Velcro, a lock for the shed and a couple of pair of shorts, I haven’t done anything else.  It has been a laid back kind of day.

The Velcro was for putting up some of my watercolor paintings.  I found some really light weight  frames at IKEA and the Velcro works really well, no holes in the walls.           

        DSC00349  DSC00350   DSC00351

Sunday, I donated my Button Machine to church for the Sunday School to use for fundraising. 

      DSC00345              DSC00346

That’s Cindy showing the button we made.  If you click on the picture on the right you should be able to see the button in the machine.


The above was actually written last week.  My internet decided to go AWOL.  It would come and go for a couple of days, but then stopped completely several days ago.  I called ATT yesterday again to get some tech help.  They ran some tests but couldn’t get it up and running.  Fortunately they were able to send someone out today.  They couldn’t give me a time, just from 8 am to 8 pm.  I asked if they would have him call before they came.  Lo and behold, I got a call early this morning, I would be his first appointment. YEA!   The problem ended up being a bad modem.  Evidently, last week when we had triple digit weather, it got overheated.   He replaced it and after about an hour or so it was up and running, so I was able to get out and get some errands done.

I needed to go out to the DMV because my name is spelled wrong on my renewed driver’s license, but I need to show them a birth certificate or passport and of course I didn’t have either with me, so I will have to go back.  From there I went out to Camping World to check on prices for various things that I might want to get later before I get out  there on the road.  I ended up getting some spring loaded bars to keep things from shifting while in motion and magnetic propane tank gage.  One the way home I stopped at Costco for a few thing that I was out of, but forgot the eggs.  I guess that I will get those after doing laundry tomorrow.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Thanks for visiting


Susan and Angel’


  1. She has such a pink tongue!

    Sounds like you have done great getting free of your stuff. Donating the button machine was a good thing.

  2. Thanks for the outdoor picture. There seems to be enough space between sites, especially since your doors aren't opening up to each other.

    Don't worry about getting all you want or need before you start traveling - there are many opportunities to pick items up while on the road, and your needs might change once you're moving.

  3. That is such a cute photo of Angel visiting with the birdies. So glad to hear you got your internet working again. Sounds like you are making great progress towards being on the road.

  4. I use industrial strength velcro to keep things on the walls. It works for several years, but eventually the sticky backing looses it's grip.

  5. And I hope you have a very great week. A pat for Angel please!