Friday, July 29, 2011

Another Work Week Over, Printer Gone, etc..


                                poppies at Nunnerie in Scotland

Tuesday, I finally got the last payment for the commercial printer.  Now if I can only sell the heat press, I will be a little more relieved.  I am looking into getting a smaller sublimation printer so that I can market my art and personalized gift services.   I, too like many others need to find a way to make a little money while on the road.  The things that I will be able to do, can be done anywhere.  I will be able take photos emailed to me, print a transfer and apply to various products that can be shipped to the purchaser.   Is there anyone out there that would like a mug, t-shirt, mouse pad, etc. with a picture of your rig, yourselves or grandkids on it? 

Here it is Friday.   Earlier this morning I had a chiropractor come to “My Spot” to give me an adjustment.  It is the first time that I have ever had one.  Wow, it sure does make a difference.  Normally I couldn’t afford something like this, but this is a barter situation.  It sure does benefit both of us.    I feel great, not as sore as I thought I would be.         Thank you  Dr. Cooper!

After that was done I went out to Folsom Lake RV to get a replacement for the screen door latch.  I’m beginning to find out that RVing is not cheap.  Fortunately I get a 10% discount on anything that buy there, including service.  While there I talked to Derek about the RV Basic Training that I have scheduled on August 27th for both Ted and myself.   Since I have never done this before, I thought I had better learn how to drive it  and do it safely,   He asked if I could have them supply the store with some fliers.  I called Gary the owner to give him the contact and guess what, he is sending me $25.00 for the referral.  How neat is that?  For anyone interested, the link is

From there I went to Winco (a food store chain here in northern CA).  I stocked up on the things that I always get there and headed home to install the latch.  As usual, Ms. Angel was ecstatic because mommy was home.  (It has been too hot to take her with in the truck.)  

Later , when it cools down we’ll go do laundry.  It’s one of the things that really don’t like doing.  I will be putting a W/D in “My Spot” as soon as it is convenient.  I would rather do more small loads more often than carting everything to a public laundry where you never know what was done in the washers before you.  Last time I got some kind of green stuff on my light colored jeans.  (Don’t you just hate that?)

My son thinks that I should get a generator before I get the W/D.   He is probably right, since we will be boondocking at Pismo Beach in October.  I am thinking about getting two smaller Hondas and putting them together, mainly because I can lift one at a time and they are supposed to be quieter.  I can also use them separately.   Any thoughts?

I guess that I will post this instead of just rambling on and on.

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  1. I asked Jim about generators and he said the Hondas would be good ones and definitely easier to move around. We have a Champion. But ours was a whole lot less expensive than your Hondas will be. If you're going to be boondocking you need to have a generator.

  2. I agree. A generator should come before the Washer if you plan on boondocking.

  3. My experience has been that I could move the Honda 1000, but it wasn't easy and I definitely wouldn't want to move it often. I was able to lift the Honda 2000 to move it, but lifting it up steps or hoisting it into a storage bay would have been nearly impossible. The nice thing about the 2000 was that you could get a remote starter for it.

  4. Good idea about the basic training class. Will you drive your rig to it?

  5. Judy, She will come to me and teach me (and Ted) to drive my own rig.