Sunday, December 18, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!


                          Wow, How time flies when you’re having fun!


               That’s how Angel has fun, watching and putting up with me!

Work wasn’t too bad this past week, decorating our team area for Christmas and the World Class CSR Luncheon.  This year our area is a Christmas Forest.  I would make all those trees in between calls.

    DSC00687   DSC00688

        I used many that I saved from last year, but made an additional 100+ this year. 

Close to 90% of our CSRs are World Class, so they had a luncheon to celebrate. (actually several over 3 days to accommodate everyone)  We even had “entertainment”, our management staff “dancing as the stars”.  Very entertaining,  although you’d never get me to do it.

          DSC00673    DSC00665    DSC00671


Since I have been back from Phoenix,  I have been trying to get all my ducks in a row, lining up doctors’ appointments and trying to set up something for Workamping, continued getting rid of more stuff and getting solar installed on  “My Spot”.

I made a couple of appointments for annual follow up visits for past surgeries.  Wouldn’t you know it, both were on the same day as the new date for the solar install.  Earlier I had called a Texas State Park near where my sister lives about volunteering and was having some problems downloading an application.  Ted said that he can help with  that when he comes home.

Ted got here for Sunday and Monday.  Sunday we went to church and and afterwards we loaded the armoires out of storage and into his truck and then delivered them, one to Gypsy and one to church.  With that done we went home and prepared the rig for the move to the dealer in the morning. 

As you all know the solar install was postponed.  I finally took it to the dealer (Folsom Lake RV) last Monday.  We had it at the dealer by 6:30am and then went out for breakfast and was back  at the dealer by 7:30am.  Harry was there with his helper by then and had moved it back to their shop and had brought my truck out front. 

It was a very busy day.  From there we went back to my storage unit and loaded the heat press and the extra product to take to James, who does the same type of business that I had planned on doing, but on a large scale. There were only a couple of other things in storage that would fit in the shed at my site,   FINALLY!   The storage shed is empty, no more $$ going out as a lost cause.  With that done I kept  both doctors’ appointments and the headed back to FLRV to see how they were doing with the install. 

The W/D had been installed as well as the TV antenna.  (In answer to Barbara’s question, the name of it is Wineguard Roadstar    

                                              Winegard RoadStar Omnidirectional Antenna                                                        

The solar panels are installed along with two more batteries, but there was a problem with the inverter.  It was bad and they had to send for another.  Needless to say, I will still have to return another day.  It’s a good thing that I am not in a hurry or I might be a bit frustrated.

Another work week gone, even 3 days is too long, but it just gets me closer to retirement.  It’s weird, the closer that it gets, the more scared I become.  It will be such a big change.  As much as I want this, doing it alone is tuff.  Barbara, Judy and all the other single ladies, did you all go through these same thoughts and feelings?  and how did you handle it?

I guess that brings me up to today, Thursday.  I left a couple of hours early to start the prep for another move back to FLRV.  The inverter came in.  Another hic-up!  They sent the wrong one!  This time I got Harry’s call before I got everything done.  No extra practice today.  The are trying to get the correct inverter shipped overnight from Portland Oregon.  

I’ve been busy, but just couldn’t get myself to write,so, waited to post this so that I could add pictures.  I’ll get caught up regarding status on the “ducks” and reporting some news.

For now, thanks for visiting


Susan and Angel     


  1. Cute little Santa Angel. You will always have those little thoughts of "what am I doing?". Mine come and go and usually don't last more than a few minutes.

  2. I am having the same anxieties and I'm not a SWF. Even though I have lived in the same spot for 25yrs, I cannot wait to get free! :)

  3. Looks like Angel is just trying to stay out of the way as you tear around getting things done. I'm not a single traveler but even as a couple we had those same fears and feelings. What in the world are we doing???? Three years later, it's the best move we ever made. Lots of hick-ups along the way, but that's just a part of life. You're doing great and look at everything you're getting done.

  4. Looks like you are definitely getting things taken care of day by day. I think your feelings are pretty much normal for anyone (either a single or a couple) getting ready to make a big change. You already know what it is like to live in your RV so check that off. I think you are going to be just fine!

  5. Angel looks soooo cute! She's such a doll.

    You know, it's funny but I never had second thoughts. It was easier for me, though, because I bought The Palms, had my estate sale, reserved my RV park site, and moved down there. Then my job ended, and I was on the road. Everything went so quick, faster than I had planned.

    The only time I've been a little nervous was my first night boondocking in the desert at Buckeye Recreation Area when I was completely alone in the dark - in the middle of the desert. I never did see another rig.

    Before you know it, it will be done and you'll be boondocking here in the desert like an old pro.