Friday, December 30, 2011

More Time With Ted and Nearly There



Well, one more work week gone and one to go and my mom doesn’t have to leave me.

Ted had part of Monday off, I had to work(regular salary + time and a half), I put in to get the time off if we weren’t busy and was able to leave by 9am.  I called Ted to find out where he was and caught him before he left town and met for a late breakfast.  The rest of the time before he had to leave in installed some new headlamps and fog lamps on my truck that he gave me for Christmas.  He had to leave by one, to get back to SF by 3pm to work.

It was back to work on Tuesday and for as slow as it was on Monday, it was extremely busy and it didn’t stop,  Wednesday and Thursday were just as busy.  I sure won’t miss this job.  It is a good job, but I ‘m ready to get on with the next change in my life, on to a better lifestyle and slower pace.


                                     This is my motivator at work.

The time is here to worry or just give it up.  I will probably go with the latter, it doesn’t do any good to worry.  It will be whatever it will be.  I am still working on what I will do.  So far the plan is to stay where I am until the end of January and take that time to pull everything together and then head South.

My plan is to take my time and take CA99 South to Bakersfield and then East to CA395 and South to I10.  I plan on stopping in Desert Hot Springs and then in Quartzite before going onto Phoenix where two of my daughters live.  I will be there for a while before continuing on to Texas for my first Workamping gig on April 1st.  I am hoping to do this as cheaply as possible and will open for any suggestions.  Since this is the first time that I will be doing this by myself, I think that I will do approximately 200 miles a day.  I would rather not have to unhook and pay for a CG site.  I have been keeping track on how long I have before I have to dump my tanks, one week for grey, several weeks for black.  I will  carry only enough water for basic needs.  I have access to my bed and bathroom and the refrigerator with all the slides pulled in.  It would be nice to have several options each day so that I can stop when I am too tired to go on.  It would be nice too if there is somewhere that I can take Angel for a walk,

A couple more ducks are in place after today.  I will be using Escapees as my mail forwarder, so had to get the form notarized mailed today.  We’re back at home  and it’s time for bed.

I hope that you all have a wonderful and safe weekend.

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Susan and Angel


  1. Hey momma when do you think you will be here?

  2. Susan, you want to stop before you get too tired not when you get too tired. The distance will probably depend on road and traffic conditions as well as where you are going to stay. Do you have Passport America? You can go on their site and check out where they have campgrounds without being a member. Half price camping is a pretty good deal. You won't want to park out in the middle of no where by yourself so look for some other campers within a reasonable distance if you boondock.

  3. Angel is so cute! Glad you've got some plans, and are rapidly approaching your retirement day. Say "Hi" to the sunshine for us, will you? Haven't had much here in Eugene, Oregon lately.

  4. Sounds like you have a good plan. 200 miles a day sounds about right. Take it slow!

  5. There are always Walmarts and the interstates have good rest stops. Do you have a GPS? My Garmin will tell me the closest Walmarts with phone numbers, and also the upcoming rest stops. You wouldn't have to unhook at either. The reststops are spaced out pretty well, you could decide when one is coming up if you want to stay there for the night, or continue on to the next one. (Some rest areas are closed, so keep that in mind.) If you can drive onto the free camping areas in the desert, they are large and pretty level, and you wouldn't have to unhook there either.

    I got one of the Atlas books at Walmart that has a large page for each state, and also tells where all the Walmarts are. You can call in advance to see if they allow overnight parking.

    Research, research, research! I don't do research much, I just have an area in mind sometimes and just drive... But a couple of times I got stuck, pretty tired and nowhere to park, so I had to drive past my comfort zone.

  6. You can also pull into a casino parking lot for the night, most are free. Don't have to unhook and they have pretty good security. We've done that for overnight.