Thursday, November 1, 2012

Part of The Flocking /Working On The Learning Curve


Halloween was finally here,even though Angel and I celebrated the holiday last Saturday, I couldn’t let it go by without Angel showing off her costume.


Since I didn’t have to work, Angel and I took a ride up to Potter’s Creek COE CG, on Canyon Lake, TX, northeast of San Antonio and northwest of San Marcos.  That’s where the Pink Flamingos were flocking.  I joined Birdie and Colleen there in the morning and spent the day meeting and visiting with the ladies who had com from far and wide, some had even come from as far as Louisiana.

All day long we had additional visitors,  the deer.  There are a lot of deer in the park.  there were four of them that hung around the campsite wishing and hoping to be fed.  Campers are asked to not feed them or any of the wildlife.  We didn’t but evidently some people have fed them.  They had no fear of people and even when chased, they give you a look as to say “ are you crazy, we’re not going anywhere”. 

    IMG_0339  IMG_0343

                                       They just followed Birdie back. 

    IMG_0341 IMG_0346

They came up really close to the pen (that’s part of it in the bottom right hand corner of the picture.) where Colleen’s dogs were and Angel was for a little while.  I thought that they were a bit curious about those short legged animals.  They just wandered all around the campsite, all day.

I didn’t stay for dinner as I did not want to drive back after dark, as there are so many deer out there on the road and I didn’t want to take the chance of hitting one.  I also needed to get back because I had to work in the morning. So I said good bye and headed home just before 5 pm.  

On the way back, I stopped to make an appointment at the eye doctor in San Marcos.  I will need to order contacts and maybe get another pair of glasses. 

This morning I began my training in the office.  There is so much to learn, not only the computer, but also the different promotions, where everything is, office policies, and xo on and so forth.  My head is swimming.  Tomorrow I do it all over again.

After taking Angel for a short walk and fixing dinner, writing this post,  it’s time to go to bed.

I hope that you all are enjoying your week.

Thank you for visiting

IMG_0336 Hey, Mom do I HAVE to stay here?

Susan and Angel


  1. How are you doing? It's nice to be able to see all the deer but it's not good for them to be so tame. When we were living in an RV park in NM everyone fed the and there was a beautiful stag that when Hunting started he walked into a camp and they didn't even waste a bullet they said he walked up to them and they hit him in the head with a hammer! I wish all RVers would realize this is what could happen to any animal that they tame by feeding them , in fact in New Mexico they say a fed bear is a dead bear. Sorry to go on so but it is so upsetting when you have seen the results of taming wild animals. Love you your sister Evelyn

  2. Oh my, the post above almost made me hurl. I loved the pics and as I read your post I thought it must have been a small piece of heaven to have them around. Thanks for sharing the pictures of these beautiful animals.