Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter In The County Park

Every Easter, here at J.D Grant County Park, they have an Egg Hunt.  My part started on Saturday, helping with the set- up.  Below is Ranger Lisa and Volunteer Ron preparing the craft tables.


I had Angel with me and she just sat on a chair watching and waiting for me.  (forgot to get a picture)  She was so patient and didn’t move at all.


These are the two rooms in the Cookhouse after we finished. It also can be reserved for parties.  When we finished I joined Ron for a History Hike and Tour.  He is the historian and has a lot of information on this area dating back 60,000 years about the indigenous Indians, how they lived, what happened to them, as well as the Ranch from the beginning until now.                              

The last part of the Tour was in the Ranch House.   There were all kinds for stories about and pictures of the J. D. Grant family.  There are even a few ghost stories thrown in.  (many of the park staff can attest to them)

IMG_2750  IMG_0687

Below is a picture of an original sign found on the property, it was rough country back then.  Check out the spelling by clicking on the picture to make it larger.


After the Tour, I headed home had some dinner, sold some firewood, visited with some of the campers, checked the restrooms, watched a movie and went to bed.

After showering and breakfast I headed down to the Ranch House to finish setting up for the onslaught of families taking part in the festivities.  I set up my Face Painting Station and took the before pictures.  I took Angel home as well as some uniform shirts and vests that Ranger Theresa gave me.  I was back within an hour.  I began by painting Sarah’s (I mean the Easter Bunny’s) face, as well as a couple of the volunteers’ faces.


                                   Here they are flanking Ranger Lisa.


And then it was time for the Easter Bunny to lead them all to the Ranch House yard where the Hunt would be.  Below the people kept on coming.  Lisa had to give them instructions, mainly about snakes.  Since it has been getting warm they are coming out of hibernation.

IMG_2768 IMG_2767

IMG_2770 IMG_2771

Everyone had a great time finding eggs.  Earlier , just before the hunt, the volunteers were out in the yard with water guns to chase away the birds that were after the hard-boiled eggs.  After taking these pictures, I had to get over to where the line was beginning to form for Face Painting.  It was a big hit.  The line got so long that some of the other volunteers offered to help.  We ended up with four of us sharing the paints and we still painted for two hours when two of them had to leave.  I ended up staying an extra hour to accommodate those that had been waiting long.


This little girl wanted something to match her dress.  Her dad recorded the whole process.

I was finally able to pack up my things, when Danny in  Maintenance asked if I could restock two of the women’s restrooms, because with all the Day Use People there, he couldn’t get in to clean or restock.  These are the restrooms that I am not usually responsible for, but we are a team and help each other when we need help.  That took another hour and I finally got back home to Angel and dinner.  Then later in the evening I sold more firewood.

It was a good day, doing something that I love doing and just doing my job.  I was tired  and I slept with a heating pad on my neck which helped muscles that I haven’t used in quite a while.

Then there was the cleanup today.  Normally it takes me 2 hours to police the 22 campsites in this CG, but today it took 3 hours.  It was mainly 2 sites that were horrible.  sometimes I wonder what their homes look like.  No, maybe I don’t want to know.  I don’t think that I want to get up on that soapbox.  But needless to say, people come up here on the mountain to enjoy a park in pristine condition, (most of them do)  and then those  few don’t respect it by trashing it.

Enough said!

Tomorrow I may just learn how to clean the fire pits.  Oh Joy!   Ranger Theresa brought my GEM (little electric car) to me and more firewood.  More on that in another post.

I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday.

Thanks for visiting

IMG_0645 Just waiting for Mom

Susan and Angel

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