Saturday, April 26, 2014

Trip, Transportation, Tools and Weather


That’s the greater San Jose as viewed from half way down Mt. Hamilton on my to way to pick up a polo shirt that has the Santa Clara County logo on it and a pair of shorts.  They have ordered another shirt and a name tag that I will have to pick up in a few weeks.


That was on Wednesday, then on Thursday, Ranger Theresa brought my cart to me.  That’s my co-pilot, Angel.  She has her own harness and loves to go with me, even when it’s cold, rainy and windy, which it has been lately.


Now that I have the cart, I can get more done.  In the back I carry a tool to de-web the food lockers, a toot with extra trash bags, rubber gloves face masks,etc., trash bucket, pick-r-upper, a shovel and 3 ash cans.  I started with one, but since the fire pits hadn’t been cleaned lately, I needed more and I could make fewer trips to dump them.  Below in the picture on the left was an average full pit, however, some had a lot more.  You would be surprised at what people try to burn.

IMG_2791 IMG_2794

Later, I finally hung up my humming bird feeder and within a day the ants had found it.  I had to move it.  It didn’t take the hummers very long to find it again.  Does anyone have any idea how to stop the ants and/or other bugs from invading the feeder?


Below are some of my neighbors, lots of blue birds, crows and squirrels.  There are also a lot of quail, robins and other smaller birds that I haven’t got pictures of yet.  Yesterday I saw some deer by the Rangers’ Office. ( I didn’t have my camera with me.)

IMG_2822 IMG_2827IMG_2832

While I was sitting on the deck taking pictures, Jeremy drove by in one of the Maintenance trucks.


Thursday night the rain kept me awake for quite a while, but I finally fell asleep with a movie on and the volume up high to hear anything beside the rain.  In the morning it was COLD, but I still had to get up.  It didn’t take me long to get dressed, although Angel thought differently.  She was going to stay in bed as long as she could.  Here she is trying to hide behind my pillows.  I’m surprised that she didn’t burrow under the covers.  She could stay in bed until 10 am.


When we finally got out, I headed over to the other CG that will be opening the 1st weekend in May.  I wanted to get all  the food lockers de-webbed and clean the fire pits so that it will be ready.  The picture below is taken from the 1st campsite looking south.  Fortunately the weather cleared a bit and warmed up a bit too.  That’s the restroom that we cleaned from top to bottom last week.  There are 18 more camp sites in addition to the 22 in the CG that I am in.  It’s a lot of work, but I should be able get it done in the 20 hours that I work.  That’s only 4 hours a day. 

When I finished, I went down to the Rangers’ Office, where Theresa gave me a radio and a bit of training.  Right now I’m just to listen and get used to the “chatter”.  I’m still trying to differentiate identities and what they’re saying.  I can hear everyone from all the other parks County wide too.

By the afternoon it started raining again and continued all night.  When I woke this morning, my 10 x 10 canopy had so much water caught in it that it bent some of the crossbars.  I hope that it can be fixed.

  IMG_0697 Just more tools of the trade.


I guess that I’ve bored you enough with the day in and day out of what I do here at JD. Grant County Park.  If you’re ever in the area, stop by and say Hi.

Thanks for visiting                          

IMG_2780 I’m ready to ride “shotgun”.

Susan and Angel


  1. Cute little cart that you ride in. Reminds me of the Red Bug carts here on Jekyll Island.

  2. Not boring at all. Sounds like you are pretty busy. It's good to know that your health has improved so much that you can do all these things now. It's beautiful and green there too. Hope it warms up some for you. We miss you hear in Texas.

  3. Sounds like a good workcamping job! Angel looks so cute in her little hoodie! :)

    Oh, and I put some Vaseline or wrap flypaper tape on the hanger of my hummer feeder in Quartzsite and it stopped the ants.

  4. I still have problems with my left arm and have used up my PT benefits with Medicare. I just use it as best as I can. The work that I do, I count as therapy.