Thursday, April 10, 2014

Gone From AZ / Here In CA

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This is the last look of the street where I have spent the last 5 and a half months.


Of course, the last good byes.  This is Pam one of my immediate supervisors.  Friday was my last day working.  I got in the last 3 hours and turned in my work shirt, badges and Post Office Box key.  Then it was off to Heidi’s where Ted was.  We all visited a while and went out for dinner. 


Here’s my granddaughter, Ailis taking a “self-ie” to include us all.   That’s Ted behind her, then Chris and Heidi, her dad and mom and then me.  It was near 10 pm before we got back to “My Spot II”.

We were up before daylight getting things done to get an early start on Sunday.  Most  everything was already done.  Then we headed back to Heidi’s to start prepping for the BBQ that afternoon. We stopped at Costco for steaks and ……… .

IMG_0663 We had about 13  people there and then 2 more later.  It was a nice evening, great food, great conversations and great company.  Of course there were more good byes.  Again home around 10 pm and up before dawn.  We packed up the remaining necessities, leveling blocks, sewer hose, water hose and last of the outside decor.  We were out of the park by before 7 am.   We had yet to go to go to  U-Haul get the auto transport for the Subaru.  While we waited for them to opened at 9 am, went for breakfast at the Wildflower Bread Co. and then we emptied the fresh water tank by half to reduce the weight.   After getting the Subaru loaded and hitched, we were finally on the road by 9:50 am.  We took  I 202 to I 10 and crossed into CA just before 1 pm.

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As many of you that have traveled  I 10 know that it is a very boring drive, but at least the  desert was a bit green, however by the time we got to the CA desert, not so much.  We got to Indio by 2:45 pm where we got gas and an early dinner.  Ted wasn’t tired so we continued on through Pasadena on I 210 and then north on  I 5 up and over the Grapevine.  The MH handled well, not too much traffic and no engine overheating.  The brakes were fine, although that wasn’t the case for an 18 wheeler that had to hit the emergency sand ramp.  Around 10 pm we stopped at a truck stop to top off the gas tank and call it a night.  We slept for about 7 hours and then continued north by 5:15 am.  However this trip was not without mishap.  A passing truck signaled to Ted that a tire on the trailer had blown.  Ted didn’t even feel it.  We pulled off at the next exit and stopped on the on ramp out of the way of traffic.  Fortunately we got the insurance and U-Haul sent someone out to replace the tire and rim.

IMG_2646 Here’s where we waited. IMG_2652Miss Angel took it all in stride.IMG_2661 IMG_2660

As did Ted.  While waiting, I took advantage of playing with the zoom on my digital Cannon Rebel T3 camera.  

IMG_2668 IMG_2662 IMG_2659 IMG_2644

I thought the undulating greenery was interesting. 

We were back on our way by 8:30 am. 

We took the Gilroy exit, (CA 152).  Some of the drive was nice, but some was pretty scary.  Then it was CA 101 to CA87 into San Jose.

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We finally dropped of the trailer at U-Haul in San Jose and left the MH there while we went to Denny’s for a late breakfast.  Then it was off to find our way to Joseph D Grant County Park.  On Sunday I got a call from Theresa, one of the Park Rangers.  They needed a Park Host and I needed a spot.  So she said to come on up and we could start the process to be a volunteer. 

IMG_2673 IMG_2671 IMG_2672

This is my new location looking at my street left to right,from the showers and bathrooms to me and to additional campsites.  Ted got me all hooked up and level and then I took him back down the hill into San Jose to catch the train into San Francisco and home.

Since this is so long I will continue in another post.  I don’t have internet so I will post this as soon as I can. 

Thanks for visiting 

IMG_2674  This is where I guard from, my own deck.  Cool !!!            

Susan and Angel

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  1. A flat tire is never fun but it sounds like U-Haul was on the ball and got you another tire without much hassle. And a camp host position that's great news.