Sunday, May 18, 2014

Another Week In the Life Of This Camp Host

I could start this with Lion and Tigers and Bears Oh My, but I won't.  It's more like elusive Bobcat, sexy Lizards, and inquisitive Squirrels.

I finally saw a bobcat that didn’t like his picture taken.  He is to the right of the middle tree.  You can click on it make it larger.


Below is one of several lizards that live under my deck.  It was interesting watching how they hunch up their backs and try to make themselves look bigger to impress another.  I even saw them copulating.


This guy below likes to tease Angel.  The tree is right nest to the deck.


During one of my early rounds I spotted this deer and was finally able to get a picture before it went down the hill behind it.


The next afternoon I was sitting inside reading when this doe and her fawn meandered by my window.  I was able to quietly side the screen aside to take several pictures.

 IMG_2921 IMG_2920

Normally It is early when I see the wildlife, like this turkey hen, however this fine fellow trotted through the CG in the afternoon even when there were campers all nearby.  The kids were thrilled.

IMG_2912 IMG_2927

My son, Ted came out last night to visit.  He spent the night and in the morning he was able to fix the connection for the power cord on “My Spot II”.  I hope this will solve the problem of my power going off for no apparent reason.  He also checked the fluid levels in my car.  Even though I work on Sundays, I was able to take off a couple hours to go down the hill to San Jose to do some shopping which included transmission fluid and motor oil.

IMG_2930   IMG_2931


He takes much better pictures with my camera.  This hummer is one that he took.  Other than those couple of things on my “honey do list” , we just hung out and looked at Luxury Motor homes for when he wins the lottery.  Oh yea, thank you, Ted, for getting a new battery for my laptop.

After he left I did my last round through the CG, cleaning vacated campsites, checking the state of restrooms and helping a couple of campers by switching their sites.  They didn’t want to be next to a family with two toddlers and two crying babies.

I hope you all had a great week as I did.

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Okay, where did those wiggly things go?  They were here a second ago.

Susan and Angel


  1. Looks like a nice relaxing spot, and not too hard a job!

  2. Deer and turkeys don't seem to worry about trying to hide from people, although they don't like being approached. I enjoyed campground hosting (mostly) but wouldn't want to do it again. Glad you are doing so well with it. I think I'd like a gate guard job.