Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mothers’ Day

Everyone accounted for.  I got a call from all of my kids. Since I don’t have long distance on my land line, they have call me.  The cell phone only works when I go down the hill.


This past week has been a bit of trying to get a routine in place.  So far it seems to be working.  I get in about four hours a day, except for my days off.  It’s clean and restock the restrooms, (checking them 3 x a day) In the afternoon I pick up litter when a site is vacated and again after 6 pm for those that take their time.  Anytime that I out in the cart and in the CG, I give the campers information or answer questions.  There’s always something new.  Sometimes they pay for one site and then change their mind and use another one.  So I have to let the rangers know.  Last night a lady complained that she had reserved a particular site and when they got there someone else was in it. The man that was in it had been told to take any site that was open.  Come to find out the previous campers had knocked down the site marker post.  The ranger had to take care of the situation.

Last night, a lady knocked on my door after 9 pm wanting to know if I had some gauze.  She had cut her finger and it wouldn’t stop bleeding.  I thought, ok what should I do?  I’m not an EMT.  What are my responsibilities as a Camp Host regarding First Aid?   It was a tiny knick on her finger near a knuckle.  I ended up wrapping it up for her with a band aid and gauze to keep the band aid on. As an after thought I probably shouldn’t have done anything except maybe give her the band aid.  I checked on her this morning and she was just fine.

In between the times when I’m out checking out the CG, I get my camera out.  I’ve seen deer and coyote in the CG, but have been too slow and they are too fast, so I haven’t gotten any pictures of them.,  I guess I will just have to settle for flowers and birds.  Below are some of the wild flowers beside the road.  The bottom two are super tiny, smaller than a dime.

IMG_2848 IMG_2851IMG_2857                     IMG_2849 IMG_2850

                           Here’s the sign at the entrance to the CG that I am in.


This evening I tried to get some pictures of the hummers.  They are territorial and acrobatic. At one point there were five or six vying for the feeder.  I think that I could only get three in one shot.  Some times they fly right up in my face.

IMG_2906 IMG_2893 IMG_2890 IMG_2898

Today I saw my first snake.  I wasn’t sure if it was something that I needed to report, so I did.  Danny from maintenance came out to remove it and take it somewhere else, but by the time he got here it had slithered away into the tall grasses.  I did get a picture, but when I showed it to Danny it got deleted.  Next time I’ll take more than one picture.  I do know that it wasn’t a rattlesnake.  Anyway that was the excitement for the day.

Enough tales from a Camp Host.  I hope that you all were able to connect with the mothers in your life.

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IMG_2882 Just watching those Hummers

Susan and Angel


  1. Happy mother's day! Glad you were able to connect with your kids. Sounds like your camphosting duties are going well.

  2. I would'nt think twice about applying a band-aid, but I guess you really do have to be careful when helping someone.

  3. Glad to hear that you had a good Mother's Day hearing from all your kids.