Friday, March 20, 2015

Back Into The Routine, And A Bit Out Of The Routine


I’m getting back to doing all the routine things that it takes to conquer my “domain”.  The Campground has been full most weekends. During the week there is the usual compliment of homeless and workers that are on temporary jobs along with the few that like the peace and quiet without the crowds.

Some days when I have all the work done, in order to get enough hours, I’ll pick up trash around the lakes and the highway, even the day use and parking lots that maintenance usually do, just to help them out while they are learning all the ins and outs of the park.  They are also trying to get projects done before we get really busy.


Below are some pictures of the wildlife near “My Spot II”. You can click on the picture to enlarge it.

 IMG_1231 Turkeys in the campsite driveway.

IMG_3698 A family of deer in my side yard.IMG_3703 Male turkeys strutting their stuff in the other side yard.   

 IMG_3700 Angel let me know that this kitty (bobcat) was on the next campsite.  It was just sitting on the curb cleaning his face. just like any regular housecat.  (It was at least 3 times as big as Angel.)

There was a bit of maintenance to be done.  I had to replace the connection to the ice maker.  Jessie, one of the new maintenance guys helped.  Thank you Jessie!


The wild flowers are starting to bloom.  Below is an area by the entrance where those white areas are Douglas Meadow Foam.  It really does look like foam.


Sometimes I think that Angel thinks she is a cat,  She decided that she could get more sun if she laid on the deck railing.  Yes, when she moved the wrong way, she fell off.  No, she didn’t land lie a cat, but wasn’t hurt  and she hasn’t tried to lay up there again.


This deer was right outside my bedroom window this afternoon.

That’s all the routine stuff going on.  Now for the not so routine.

Last night, just as I was going to bed, one of the campers let me know that the fellow that he was camping with was missing.  He had been driving around the park, in the dark calling him for a couple of hours.   He was worried, especially since his friend was on medication.  So I called for a Ranger on the radio.  Within a half an hour 3 Rangers, 3 Sherriff units and a helicopter responded with 2 more Rangers on the way.  I checked with the other campers to see if anyone had seen him.  One said that he saw him wandering by the Equestrian Campsites around 7:00.  By the time I got  back to tell the Rangers, they had found him.   They really don’t mess around when there is an emergency.  I’m glad that it was a good outcome.  It can get quite chilly overnight here in the mountains. 

I hope that this finds you all safe and warm.  I know that I’m glad that I can feel safe where I am, even though sometimes I’m the only one here.

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IMG_1233 I think that I’ll stay on the chair.

Susan and Angel


  1. That kind of excitement you can do without. Glad they were able to find him quickly. Angel - you need to stay off that railing. We do not want you to get hurt. And stay away from that "kitty".

  2. I'm glad they found the guy who was missing for a while. It can be scary to think of someone alone and disoriented in the dark.