Sunday, August 14, 2011

Comments on Comments

Let me first start this with big THANK YOU to all who follow my blog and have left comments. all are appreciated.

Gypsy made a comment about there being opportunities down the road to get those “things” that I would like to have.  The only reason that I am looking for them now is that I am still working and have the extra $$$$.  I may still wait and just put the $$ away specifically for each item. 

The W/D isn’t the first on the list, that will probably be the generator before we go to Pismo Beach in October. 

For Jim and Sandie, the Brownie/Whipped Cream Parfait was very easy to make.  I used a sugar free Pudding mix that called for 2 cups of milk. Since I don’t use a lot of milk, I make it as I need it from powdered milk.  I also need to increase my protein intake, so I add more of mix than it calls for.  I also take a small piece of a brownie, put it at the bottom of a wine glass, then layer real whipped cream (that I make in my “magic bullet”) and the chocolate pudding and finish with the whipped cream and lastly more brownie bits.  I guess that I could have garnished with a mint leaf, but I didn’t have any.

For Jeana,, for right now I feel that the 5’er is right for me.  It is a good transition from the mobile home.  Who knows, maybe later, I may find that I don’t need this much room, but I doubt it.  

For Marikay,  I have been looking at IKEA, Since it is Ted that uses it, we will look together.  He will probably say I don’t need to get a new one.  He says that it is comfortable after I put the 2’ memory foam on it.

For Teri,  I have used those slides in the past, although this one has wide bun shaped feet and it wasn’t hard to move, just heavy.  I know that I have to take it easy when I move things, so I try to work smart.  My back isn’t that bad, I just am all tensed up because of my job.  He has gotten all the tightness out.

As far as today, I didn’t do anything except watch the rest of  Bing’s movies and read blogs.  Tomorrow it’s back to work.


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  1. Thanks for the recipe. We have a magic bullet but it hasn't been used in a long time. I think it may be time to drag it out and make dessert.

  2. Was "The Bells of Saint Mary's" one of them?

  3. One of the reasons I think it's better to not try to get everything you think you will need before you start out, is that you will find you need some things but not others. I got so many little items at first (and a couple of big ones) that I never used at all, and that's just money wasted. It's really a toss up. I should have gotten the decals for the US states that people put on their rigs, but I thought I'd wait. Then they changed the stickers and made each state look like its license place. Dumbest move I've ever seen - everyone seems to prefer the outline of the state colored in with nothing written on it.