Sunday, August 21, 2011

#*^%Laundry, Visit w/ Dreamers and Ice Cream



Finally, I have caught up on the least liked chore, laundry!  In a previous post I said that Saturday morning was the best day to do it, well now I think that Friday morning is better.  there was only two others there, and only one other came in while I was there.  Bonus,  I was able to use the dryers that I like too 

After checking ,I found that the station right around the corner was one of cheapest in the area, so on the way home there was a stop at my local gas station. The price.of #2 diesel has come down a bit, (389.9, last time I paid 405.9), so I put a little more in than I normally do because, tomorrow, I will be going up  to Marysville to visit another RV dreamer couple, Dan and Jan.



I was up early this morning to make some of my trail mix muffins to bring with me for my visit. 

By 8:00am we were on our way to Marysville. to visit with Dan and Jan,    Marysville is approximately an hour north of Sacramento.  We also met Oscar their dog.  He is a really cool and sweet rescue dog.  We three had fun trying to come up with what kind of breed/s he is.  I personally think that he is part Giant Poodle and some kind of Wolf Hound.  Dan had is version as did Jan.  Whatever his ancestry, he is their baby.  We had a great visit, them, sharing their RVing and Workamping experiences and me sharing what my intensions will be once out there on the road.  I know that I learned a lot, hopefully I will retain what we talked about.  They both had some great suggestions.  Thank you Dan and Jan for your wonderful hospitality.


                    At home with Oscar,and his mom and dad, Dan and Jan.

I got home a little after 4;30pm, just in time to fix a bit to eat before I have to leave again.  At church we were having our annual “Ice Cream Social and Game Night” .  Great home made ice cream and toppings.  We all had a good time.  Has anyone ever played “Battle of the Sexes” or “Pente”?  They are my favorites.  There were a couple of other groups playing other games too.  Had too much fun, forgot to take pictures.  Finally got home and to bed by 9:30pm.


The usual Sunday morning, church service and more Ice cream, left overs from the night before for coffee hour.  I also stopped on my way to church for sweet rolls to add to the goodies.

After church Bob and June came by to check out “My Spot”.  They have an older fifth wheel and even though they are in their 80’s they do enjoy getting out once in a while.  When they left Angel and I checked out the RV Show out at Cal Expo just to check out what’s out there.  There was only one Class A that I would have been interested in that was remotely near my budget that I had, but still didn’t have everything that “My Spot “ has.  I’m still happy as a clam with my decision.

The rest of the day, just hung out at home and caught up on blogs

    DSC00391  DSC00389

                     Thought you might like to see what Angel is checking out. 

                     She always lets me know if there is any activity back there.

                                                   Good Watch Dog!

Thanks for visiting

Susan and Angel    


  1. Sure wish our diesel would come down a few pennies. Fun visiting with other RVing friends. And I'm sure glad you have such a wonderful watch dog to keep you up to date on happenings in the neighborhood.

  2. Sounds like a good weekend was had. I see the naked ladies are blooming by you too. they just started opening in my yard this week.

  3. Sounds like you had a really great weekend! It is always fun to meet fellow RVers!!