Friday, August 12, 2011

Workitus, Visitor, and Short Road Trip


Four work days!  Too long!  Couldn’t help it! 

I had a case of “workitus” and took three hours off, using some of my available sick time.  I wanted to run some errands, but didn’t want to leave Angel in her crate longer than I had to.  I picked up some celery for tuna salad that I was making for Friday.   The rest of the evening I spent finishing the reading of Eric Anderson’s book Campin’ and Computin’ The Second Edition and catching up on reading blogs.  I would highly recommend his book for new RVers that are not that familiar with computers.  His explanations and analogies made a lot of sense to me.


I had my first guest for a meal, my supervisor Kimi.  We had Tuna Salad  sandwiches and I fixed a Chocolate/Brownie/Whipped Cream Parfait.  Of course she got the tour and I forgot pictures. (the dessert really looked and tasted yummy)  We had a great visit,  Now she knows what I have been telling her about since I acquired “My Spot”.  We shared  a lot of ideas and didn’t even talk about work at all.  Thank you, Kimi for coming for lunch.  I really enjoyed your visit.

A little later Dr.Cooper came by and gave me another  treatment.  My back is feeling sooooo much better.  I just have to remember to drink a lot of plain water to flush out my system.  (I know, TMI, sorry)  The rest of the day was catching up on blogs and starting to do some research on places for workamping.

Saturday, another slow day. 


I did get out to WalMart where I bought some things for cleaning the rig.  I know that  I will have to wash everything down when we come back from Pismo Beach to get the salt off.  As long as I am still working, I am trying to get any equipment that I will need later, but probably won’t be able to afford, a little at time to spread the cost over a longer period of time.

Ted came in about 7:30 pm.  He cooked dinner, spinach/tomato sausage, green beans with onions, celery and bacon, and he made some great mashed potatoes.  I will even have some leftovers.  We visited and finally got to bed around 10:00 pm.

Sunday ,  We went out for breakfast first, then Ted and I did a little research on prices for things that I would like to get for the RV.  One of my neighbors told us of Allied Trailer Supply on El Camino in Sacramento.  All they do is RV  and trailer parts and service.  They have all kinds of things, so we had to check it out.  We are still checking out prices of generators, freezers and a W/D.  We also checked  out Folsom Lake RV, where I bought '”My Spot” and  I get a 10% off any and all purchases and service.

Ted hadn’t been to Arby’s in a long time, before we took off on a short “road trip” we stopped for lunch.  For fast food, it was good.


   DSC00371  DSC00373 

We decided to check out 49er RV Resort in Plymouth about 30/40 minutes east of Rancho Cordova, CA.  It is a very nice campground, although kind of expensive for me.

  DSC00374    DSC00375

On the way home we stopped at Davis Ranch Farmer’s Market and got some fruits and veggies.  Ted got a bag of corn. They have the best!  


That’s about it for this post.   I actually started this last Monday night, but just got busy at work and didn’t get back to it until tonight.

I hope that you are all have a great weekend.

Thanks for visiting

Susan and Angel


  1. The brown parfait sounds wonderful. Isn't it fun to have company in your home on wheels. All those veggies look great. I love the ears in the grocery cart. She is such a cutie pie.

  2. Even though I bought a motorhome, I feel a twinge when I see the picture of your fifth wheel. My first RV was a fifth wheel and I think they're the most livable, however, twinge or not, I'm happy with my purchase.