Saturday, August 13, 2011

Visit to the DMV, Shopping and Play Date



            New picture just to show the Crepe Myrtle Tree and Oleander in bloom

                                                  in front of “My Spot”.

Friday,  I finally got over to the DMV to get the spelling on my driver’s license corrected  (they also took another photo, the other one was over ten years old)  and to get my license plates transferred to my specialty plates,  I decided to go to the one over on Broadway in Sac instead of going way out to Folsom where I have always gone in the past.  It’s closer and I didn’t have to wait as long as I used to at one in Folsom.  On the way home I stopped at Big Lots where I picked up a couple of pillows for Ted to have when he visits.  Now he won’t have to “steal” mine.  I got a couple of wire shelves that stack together for the cabinet under the bathroom sink.  I also found some individual size, four packs of vegetables, (really handy, because they don’t have to be refrigerated) and a five DVD set of Bing Crosby movies found it’s way into my cart for $5.00.  I just love the old movies.

From there I headed home and just as I unlocked the door my visitors drove up.  I had another appointment with Dr. Cooper.  He gave me my third treatment, one more to go. 



         His wife, Renate (friend from my work), kept Angel company while I was busy.


My back feels so much better now.  I could really get used to this every week, because when I go back to work, I get all tensed up again, but alas it is just too expensive for every week.  Maybe when I get out on the road, I may treat myself to a massage once in a while. 

The rest of the evening was spent catching up on what’s happening with my blogging friends, a little dinner and watched an Elvis movie that I hadn’t seen before, then to bed.


Saturday, as usual I still keep the early hours and since it wasn’t light out yet, I popped in one of Bing’s movies and fell asleep again, must have still been tired.  Once it was light out and breakfast was done, I rearranged things down in the “basement” tried to make some more room and cleaned out the backseat of the truck.   I still have to tackle the shed,  It just got too hot to continue.  It will have to wait until maybe next Friday to go through that STUFF.   Another weight off the shoulders when that is done.  I guess it is all part of the process, living in a place and deciding where everything belongs and what it is needed and what you can get rid of.   I know I have to lighten the load more!

Angel had a play date with Buddy.  Buddy is Mary’s fur kid.  She is one of my neighbors that lives on “dog row”.  I met her this morning while she was walking Buddy and I was working on the truck.  Angel usually sits on the bench and watches me, but she decided to wander off and check out the neighbors.  She comes when I call her, but I guess I will have to tie her up or put up her portable fenced yard.  Mary suggested that Angel come over to play with Buddy in their fenced yard.  Evidently, once I left she just sat by the gate waiting for me to come back.  Oh well, maybe one day we can take them both to a dog park close by.

Since Angel likes to look out the back window to see what all the other big dogs are doing, I decided to move the sleeper/sofa to that wall.

              IMG_0292     DSC00387

                     before                                                    after


Wow, that thing is heavy and I will have to move it back to where it was when I pull the slides in,  Now I might consider getting something lighter instead.  Has anyone out there done that?

I think that I will finish this and grab a bite to eat.

Thanks for visiting

Susan and Angel


  1. We are seriously thinking about getting rid of the sofa/sleeper and getting a love seat. We really don't need a bed because we have very little company that spends the night. Definitely something lighter. Also the love seat would give us a little more room at the dining table.

  2. IKEA furniture is usually very light and not to expensive. Figure out if you have enough floor space for a air bed, and if you do you could still have overnight company. Just a thought.

  3. You can try those slides that you put under the feet of the couch - makes it easier to move it around. Should you be moving furniture if you have back problems?

  4. Hmmm, you just gave me an idea. I don't care for the sleeper couch in Olivia so I might consider something else. I can go to IKEA as Merikay suggested and maybe find something better. Thanks, ladies.