Thursday, May 11, 2017

First Week At Work


First of all this is the view from my door. There are several sites in Camp Elden waiting to be filled by other volunteers.  So far there are three of us. one couple is here for only 3 weeks.  Jack came in the day after I did.  He will be working in the wood shop.

I met with Paul, the volunteer coordinator on Tuesday. He told me what his plans were for me.  I will basically be working with PSAR (Preventive Search And Rescue) on Friday Saturday and Sunday.  PSAR maintains a pop up tent at the Mount Humphreys trailhead throughout the summer.  With PSAR I will be talking to hikers and Suggesting that  they might want to bring enough water, wear proper shoes and register so that if anything happens, we’ll know where to look for them.

He explained that this is something new,  I will also be promoting LNT (Leave No Trace), going over the seven principles of LNT.  He would also want me to develop some programs for outreach aimed at school age children either in schools or day camps.  That part will prove interesting. 

Paul brought out five large containers that had all kinds of material to use.  I went through and sorted all of that to find out what was available.

In addition to all that I also had to take a Defensive Driving Course, which took up most of Tuesday and then Wednesday I had to take the LNT Awareness Course.  I needed to pass both with minimum of 80% to get certified.  I did!!!  I did my 24 hours and was off for the weekend.


Above is the Snow Bowl ski lift to the top of Mount Humphreys over 7,000 feet.

Saturday I went to an event that was put on by the Coconino Forest and Fire Services where I made a couple of contacts for my research.  Afterwards I decided to check out where I would be at the trailhead.  The ski lift is open year round. 

Below is some scenery on the road to Snow Bowl.



One of these days I may check out the Pioneer Museum.  Below is the train that is there.


From there I went back home,

Below is the picture of my four kids and me.  I didn’t have it to put in the last post.

Mellissa, Ted, Heidi

Me and Sandra


I guess that that gets you up to date.  Tomorrow I will do more research and print out some activity cards.

I hope that you all are having a great week.

Thanks for visiting

IMG_2834  Just taking a nap.

Susan and Angel


  1. Sure sounds like they are going to keep you plenty busy. You just might have some interesting encounters to tell us about.

  2. I think this job sounds way more interesting and challenging than camp hosting! Enjoy.