Friday, May 5, 2017

Weekend Before Work

IMG_2829     “My Spot II” at Camp Elden

So,       since almost everything was put a way before Brian came back we took the break to tour the Rec Bay and the rest of the facility that is shared with the fire crew.  There are showers and a weight room, mostly used by them, but any one can use them.  The Rec(reation) Bay is a meeting/ work room with an office and the wood shop, which is mainly where the signs are made. 

When we got back to “My Spot II”,  I finished putting things away and fixed individual Quiches for dinner and packed an overnight bag for our trip down to Phoenix.

We met with Mellissa (#3) and her kids, Elyzabeth, Robert and Kaitlyn for breakfast.  Then we dove to Sky Harbor where Ted picked up a rental car.  I just dropped him off and went on to Heidi’s (#1) house where we would be staying.  When I got there out of the hallway popped Sandra (#2) who lives in Ft. Worth and I certainly didn’t expect her to be there.  This was their surprise for me for Mother’s Day.  It would be the first time that all four of my kids have been in the same place at the same time in 17 years.  We had a great visit.  On Sunday my grandson Nick would be coming, however Sandi called Jen, his Fiancee’ , and they decided to come up from Tucson to surprise Heidi.  We had a full house, wall to wall bodies at bedtime.  Of course, we all had a really GOOD time before bedtime.

IMG_2819 (2)  IMG_2812 (2)

Breakfast came much too early.  Nick had to meet with his dad for lunch, so we girls, Heidi, Sandi, Jen and I went to get a pedicure.


IMG_2820 (2)

Later we were also joined by another grandson, Chris and his girlfriend Bo and a little later Mellissa and kids. 

I didn’t want to leave, but wanted to get back to Flagstaff before dark.  Ted and Sandi both had flights on Monday to go back home.  

It was just after dark when I got back home.  Unfortunately I had not left the outside light on.  I was wearing sandals and stubbed my toe on the last step going into the coach and ripped my left big toe nail off.  I was so tired that I just did some basic first aid and put on a gauze bandage and sock on and went to bed.

IMG_2825   I know TMI  yuck!

Monday was spent going to urgent care for my toe.  The doctor took the nail completely off and bandaged it and gave me a special shoe to wear.  I had to stop at Walgreens to fill a prescription for antibiotics.  I didn’t need any pain medication. The rest of the day I just rested with my foot elevated.

Well, that takes care of the weekend.  I would be meeting with Paul (the volunteer coordinator) in the morning to go over what I would be doing this summer.

Next post will be a summary of my work week.

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IMG_2782  this is the only place I wanted to be while traveling

Susan and Angel


  1. Sorry about your toe. Sounds awfully painful to me. So much fun with family. Hope it's a great summer for you.

  2. I hope your toe won't prevent you from enjoying your job. It sounds pretty painful to me.

  3. Ouch! Looking forward to hearing about your new job!