Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Workplace Tour and Visit From the Kids

I have been here in Flagstaff for nearly 3 weeks and have been working, mostly in this place.  It is the Rec (Recreation)  Bay.  We have our meetings here and there is a small cubical where I can use the computer for the research that I am doing to create a program about LNT, Leave No Trace. 


This is the view from just outside of the Rec Bay.  Off in the distance is Flagstaff Mall.  It’s not very far.


This another view from same place, just looking towards the Ranger Station.  That long flat thing in the middle is a drying rack for fire hoses.  The building that I am in is shared with the Fire Suppression Unit


This is a better view of the Ranger Station.

IMG_2854 (2)

Just to give you an idea of how far I am from work, that white spot in the middle, between the trees is “My Spot II”.  The picture is taken from the entrance door to the building that the Rec Bay is in.


This is where I have been working, but that will change.  This coming Saturday I will be heading up to Arizona Snow Bowl for PSAR (Preventative Search And Rescue).  PSAR mans a tent at the trailhead there to give visitors access to their information and about the area as well as LNT, which I will be giving.  In addition to this, there will be times that I may be going out into the field to share this information with groups that request it.

Last Sunday, Mother’s Day, Mellissa came up with Robert and Katie.  After breakfast, we headed up to Snow Bowl, with a short detour past Lowell Observatory.  I will have to check that out later.

Since we ended up by the observatory by missing our turn to Snow Bowl, so we just checked out where it was and took a couple of pictures.

Below is the Northern Arizona University Campus, where Robert wants to go for college.

IMG_2861 (2)

Just another view towards Mount Elden where the Ranger Station is.


This is the road to Snow Bowl with beautiful stands of Aspen.  They are beginning to leaf out.  Last week when I was there only bare branches.


Welcome To Arizona Snow Bowl

IMG_2873 (2)  

and Mount Humphries.

  IMG_2874 (2)

Mellissa and the kids took a short hike to get a better view of the mountain.  It was really windy, so didn’t stay long.

IMG_2876 (2)

We’re on our way back.  There are a lot of areas where dispersed camping is allowed.  I guess that’s what those vehicles are doing.


Another view of the Ranger Station from Highway 89.  Camp Elden is just to the left at the foot of Mount Elden.


Well that’s about all for last weekend, except for their trip back to Phoenix, a normal 2 hour trip, took over 7 hours because they got stuck for over 5 hours, due to a multi-vehicle accident on I17 with no alternate routes.  They didn’t get home until 11:45 pm.

I hope that you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day.

Thanks for visiting

IMG_2880  I sure love to go for rides.

Susan and Angel

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