Friday, September 24, 2010

E-Waste gone, New Project $$$$????

It's been a while since my last post,  just couldn't get into it this week.  It has been a couple of long weeks.  I know, a four day work week shouldn't be that way, but it is still 40 hours.  I got used to a couple of three day work weeks, only 30 hours and 10 hours of vacation.  I have two more of those coming up, YEA!

Today I took a bunch of stuff over to Cal Expo here in Sacramento for their E-Waste collection.  I am so glad that I could get rid of it responsibly.  I am still going through my artwork and craft supplies.  I have come to the conclusion that I work better when I am under a bit of pressure. 

I may have mentioned this before, but I have learned more about the "Talent Showcase" that we will have at work on November 17th.  It is for those of us in Customer Service that have crafts or hobbies that we can sell.  It will be a fundraiser for one of our charities.  We donate 20% of what we sell, unless it bakery stuff, then it's 30%.  I have no idea how many are participating, because we have to do it on our own time.  I requested 4 hours of vacation time.   Now I have to figure out how I can get enough inventory to make it worth my while.  I think that I will make limited prints, and also note cards a a reasonable price.  I also need to find a supplier for cellophane envelopes for packaging as well as watercolor paper to put through the printer. 

img004                          img005 

These are some of my series of Scotties.  I used to have two  Scotties, Haggis and Nessie,  both are gone but will never be forgotten.   Now I have Angel and love her just as much.                             

     img010 img008 img009

                     These are a few of my fairies and a seascape.

            img002            img012

It looks like I have my work cut out for me.  All this and still more to purge and sort.  Sometimes I think that I won't get it all done.  The closer it gets, the faster time flies.  There is so much to do. 

I stopped by an auction house today to ask what types of things are selling.  They say not much of anything except gold and silver.  I don't have any of that, so I guess I will hang on to my Hummel Bookworms for a while. 

The rest of the weekend I will work on making prints and note cards and maybe even on the "big one".  I want to finish it before our church's 50th anniversary in October.  When it is finished I'll post a final picture.

Thank you all for visiting

Susan and Angel


  1. I love your Scotty art, it's really cute! Please let me know if you fina a good price on the cellophane. I have some photos I was thinking of making notcards from too.

  2. I love the fairies. I don't think you will have any trouble selling your things at all. The dogs are adorable too. Stay safe.

  3. Hi again, just wanted to let you know, I went to an art show today and a girl selling notecards from her photographs recommended this website for packaging:
    Hope this is helpful!

  4. Susan, your paintings are beautiful! You have such a talent, how lucky you are. Have you taken lessons, or do you have a natural talent?