Thursday, September 30, 2010

Work week done and another four day weekend, yea!

This morning I rearranged some furniture and set up tables in the dining area for an office area so that I can spread all my art work out and have enough working space to create an inventory, mostly just enough for November.  I hope that I sell a lot because I don't need to take a lot of the actual product with me, only what I can take with me electronically to produce as I need it.

All week I've been working on locating materials for the fund raising project at work  in November, and have decided on which images that I will include to sell.  There are so many, I just hope that I choose the ones that will sell.   I have quite a bit of custom note paper that I have left over and have packaged up.  Now I have to decide on what to charge.  Everyone that sees the art work thinks that it is good, but the proof is if they are willing to buy it.  There are different series, clowns, dolls, scotties, landscapes, fairies, southwestern and Scottish themed subjects.  I may, if I have time, create a kids coloring book or a themed calendar.  Now the hard part,  I have to remember how to use Adobe Photo Shop, and get my CorelDRAW X3 set up on my laptop.  I used to have it on my desktop but we evidently didn't get it transferred over after that one crashed.

  Just some samples! 

img035  img039

Yesterday when I got home my neighbor was having her palm trees trimmed.  Angel was not happy.  I guess all the noise scared her and  she kept barking to let them know.

DSCF0005 That's one job that I don't think that I would ever attempt.  They were using chainsaws.  Fortunately I don't have anything like that has to be done.  Most of the yard work I can do but will still get someone else to do it for me.

Tomorrow will probably be spent on re-teaching myself Photoshop and Corel.  I am extremely challenged when it comes to these computer programs.  I sure hope it all comes back once I go over it all. 

I haven't even had time to read the blogs that I follow, so I think that I will do that now to catch up.  I hope that you all have a great weekend.  Take care and stay safe but most of all have some fun.

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Susan and Angel


  1. Those palm trees get really messy if they aren't trimmed, and they aren't attractive enough to warrant all the maintenance, at least in my estimation.

    The artwork that you posted looks very nice, and I hope you sell lots.

  2. I love your art work, and if I were there, I would buy some of it. I think you will have very good luck selling it. Stay safe.