Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More Pictures, Clean Up, Deer Gone

Still going through the pictures, the ones that I have.  I am also getting more in emails from a cousin back in Ohio with unidentified people in photos that she has.  So far I'm not able to tell her who they are.  She also sends them to my older brother.  He remembers more than I do, so maybe he can help her more.  I think that she sent one that is my maternal grandmother, who died before I was two.  I am glad that she sent that one because I have a memory of her when I was one year old that no one else remembers.  It's really interesting to get the stories of our ancestors, since the previous generation rarely talked about things that were going on from relationships to military service.  Now some of those stories are coming out in the open.

Started cleaning the yard,  Three huge black trash bags filled with just leaves.  Straightened much of the SUFF in the shed.  My son still has tools in there and there is a lot of camping equipment.  There is are five HUGE containers of Christmas decorations.  Believe it or not, I would use almost all of it.   

I have really got to get moving on clearing out the spare bedroom.  My middle daughter is planning on moving back here to Sacramento at the end of the year with her three kids. The plan is to move in with me for a few months to help me pay down my mortgage to something that she can handle.  Then she can afford to live here.  There just isn't any where in Sacramento where she can rent a house with her income.  This would be the next best thing.   What am I thinking of?  Three kids?  Three reasons to get out of the house and walk or whatever.  This is going to prove interesting.  Wish us all luck, we are certainly going to need it.

The deer are gone.  Steve says that his boys have been looking forward to having them in their yard at Christmas.  I am so glad that have found a good home.

This week and next week, I actually have to work all four days.  Then another two three day work week, yea, and so it goes for the rest of the year.  I had a lot of vacation time that I couldn't get confirmed, so  I just requested Thursdays and Mondays that were available.  You all know how I really like short work weeks.  I will try to use those days to work on the house and purge, purge, purge.

That's about all for today,  I didn't even think to take pictures of the deer

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  1. Good luck with the relatives moving in. That should be really interesting! :)

  2. Hope you can handle the small kids again. I can for a day or so, then I need some time alone. We really did know what we were doing when we had our kids at an early age. Stay safe.