Saturday, September 18, 2010

More Painting, More Photos, More Research

Friday......I'm still working on the big one.  I do a little bit at time, then live with it while.  I still think that there is something more that I want it to say, but haven't figured out how I want to say it.  Time will take care of it.  In the mean time I need to get out to work on other paintings.   I also did a bit of yard work.  I know, I've said it before, I certainly won't miss the yard work.  I only do it because I have to and can't afford to have someone do it for me.

Saturday......Did some more sorting of photos.  I have most of them now in one place.


It sure is taking a long time, another five hours this morning.  I decided to sort them by families first. There are four siblings.  My oldest brother who lives in Sitka Alaska and has a son and daughter who both live in Arizona.  My sister is the one that lives in Albuquerque NM and may do this with me, no kids.  If she does, we will share what I keep for myself and those I will try to get scanned on to CD's.  My youngest brother passed away several years ago, so I will put together a package to send to one of his kids to disperse.  I also have some of my friends and their families.  The rest of the photos are those of my parents, grandparents,other family members, Aunts,Uncles, cousins and their friends.  Although some of those may be of family members still in Scotland.  I would love to find out who they all are.  Of course there are my four children and their families.  I made a dent it it today.  I also took apart some albums and have several scrapbooks. I will need to find out if the kids want them. I'm done for today.

I decided to go to another RV show over at Cal Expo and of course I took Angel.


You all know how much she likes her rides.  I didn't go in too many this time.  I just wanted to see what's out there and ask more questions.  There a a lot of nice RV's out there.  I have a wish list for what I want in an RV.  Some things are needs and some are would like to have.  When the time comes I'll be happy if I get 80% of what's on the list.  Most of the time there I shared with someone that I met all about my plans to RV fulltime.  The next big RV show with vendors won't be until next Spring.  Hopefully there may be some workshops to attend.

Time to finish this post.   Thanks for visiting

Susan and  Angel


  1. Looks to me like you have been very busy again. I wish I had your energy. I get little drabs of things done, but it will still be there when I get to it. Trying to decide on what rig to buy is the best part of the whole thing. I researched for a year, and pretty much got what we wanted. There is always room for improvements though. Stay safe...

  2. I've been to a few RV shows, but none of them had workshops. It would be a great addition for those of us who are learning.

  3. Nice job on the photo sorting. I did that with my family's photos about a year and a half ago while I was pregnant with my fourth. It was quite a challenge. That seems to be one of the biggest sorting jobs involved in trying to purge stuff.

    I agree totally on the RV wants. I have a list too and I have me dream model picked out. Whether or not I get it depends on how much it drops in price in the next few years!

    Thanks for Following, you're my first follower!