Thursday, September 9, 2010

Work Week Over, Yea!

Three more days gone.  There is just nothing interesting that happens at work.  The only thing that was different is that I had to put in my shift bid for the next quarter.  I try to get an early 4/10 shift like a have now.  I'll find out what it will be when I go back to work next week. 

I'm going to have to get more work done here at home.  I have some animated deer that need to find a new home, especially before Christmas.  One of my team mates may come get them this weekend.   It is so hard to get motivated to get rid of the stuff.  I don't want to just toss things that are still usable.  The park that I live in does not allow yard sales except the community  yard sale once a year in June.  I'm not sure I want to do  Craig's List or eBay.  The hardest thing to do is to make up my mind, so I end up doing nothing. 

I have been reading one of four books that Gypsy gave me.  The first one is  RVing Adventures with the Silver Gypsy  by Sharlene "Charlie" Minshall.  Can I call that research?  I hope that I will be able to able to travel that easily as a solo. She has had some interesting  travels and experiences.

Last night, it's a good thing that my next door neighbor suggested that I bring the "big" painting inside.  It actually rained last night.  That is one of the things that I have to work on this  weekend, as well as catch up on the yard work.  The grass and vines keeps growing and growing and growing.  It's one thing that I won't miss.  I love gardens, but not working in them.  I have really got a lot of work to do that I  don't want to do, but it will cost too much to have some one else do it, not in the  budget. 

Short post tonight, hope I can report that I got a lot done tomorrow.

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  1. Getting rid of "stuff" can be really hard. Have you thought about resale stores, Good Will, Purple Heart, or other places like that to take the things to that are still good and you don't want to throw away?

    Once you get started is should get a little easier.