Thursday, February 9, 2012

Boring, Wait is Over, Six Words?



Another week has gone by.  Not much is happening.  It is really boring, being so limited in what I can do with one hand.  I’m surprised that I CAN do as much I have been doing.  I think the worst is that it doesn’t hurt and this  %*(**  cast is just in the way and I can’t get it wet.


In my last post I mentioned “waiting”, it was for a delivery of my new Sublimation Ink Printer.  It is quite different than a regular printer.  The copy that it makes is actually for a transfer that it is applied via a heat press to various items.  This for my “Retirement Business”  customizing or personalizing items and gifts at reasonable prices.  I don’t expect to make a living with it, but to have fun with my art and make enough to keep me in materials to keep doing it.

     IMG_0568    IMG_0569  DSC00147

            Sublimation                        Regular                           Heat Press

    IMG_0571       IMG_0576          IMG_0582              IMG_0583

fabric photo for quilting   ceramic tile         glass cutting board                  mug

                             Just some of the things that I can personalize,

Most of it can be done by way of internet and shipping to wherever.  If you have any interest or know of anyone, you can email me.


Bits and pieces…………………………….

I did get a little more done, most of my art supplies found a home in a container in the basement.  My tanks got dumped.  I really like the upgrade to my control panel.  It no longer is the “Christmas” tree lights, but it now actually gives me the % .  I usually leave the grey water open and then close them about a week before I need to dump the black water.  One other thing that I found out is that I can only do one load of wash when the grey water is closed, so I have to be careful and make sure they are open.  ( I found out the hard way. )



One last thought!

If you could describe your life in six words, what would they be?

After some thought, for me would it focus on those that are important in my life or a philosophy of my life?  What I finally came up with is, Following My Dream In My Spot.  My dream includes family, friends, relationships and traveling.

What’s yours?  

Happy weekend  and

Thanks for visiting

Susan and Angel


  1. Good to hear from you Susan! And good to know about your business. That is great. Good for you! Will send folk your way when they need such items. My six words? Loving life and Living in Grace. :)

  2. That heat press is really neat. I can see how you can do flat surface items but how do you do a mug? Very interesting. Looks like a fun business. I printed pictures on fabric one year to make Christmas gifts but it was not heat set so hope it never has to get washed (it was a wall hanging). I'll have to really think about describing my life in only six words - that's hard!!

    Hope your hand is healing up well. I bet you will be shouting hallelujah when that cast comes off.

  3. We are learning our black/grey tanks intimately. We do the same, shut the grey tank valve the day before we want to dump the black, and do a load or two of wash. Fills 'er right up! six words..Living life to the fullest NOW. :)

  4. Live your life - don't dream it. That's how I'm trying to live now. I know how you feel with that stupid cast. I lived in my ankle cast for four months and by the end I thought I was going to go nuts. One of the happiest moments in my life was getting that thing off. Hang in there. This too shall pass.