Friday, February 24, 2012

Getting Closer, Almost There


                     Hey Mom,  How long do I have to wear my sweaters?

                        Not for a while Angel, it’s gonna get cold again.


Another week closer to travel day.  The plan is to leave early on Saturday March 10.  Ted will be helping with the driving to Phoenix.  He will be here on the 9th so we can hook everything up and do all the other preparation Friday night, so that we only need to pull the slides in and pull out. 

Since last posting I have continued to find places for a few more things.  Every ounce counts.  The Sofa/Sleeper is still here.  I will probably put it back on craigslist one more week.  Every day has been about the same as it been (blogs, and movies), although I did get a bit of grocery shopping done and filled up the truck.  We’ll just top it off when we leave.

Wednesday I met three of my former co-workers for lunch at Chili’s.  I had the first margarita that I have had in about 45 years.  It was good, just couldn’t finish it.


                             left to right;  Mimi, Linda, Patricia and me.

Thank you ladies for my lunch.  It was good, but the company and conversation was better.  Linda and Mimi both followed me back home to meet Angel. (Mimi has met her, but Linda hadn’t)  Of course, since Linda has heard so much about my fifth wheel, she had to get the tour . Mimi has friends that rescue dogs, so she was able to take Angel’s large crate along with a couple of things that had the VSP logo on it that I won’t need or  use.  After another hour or so of more conversation they had to leave before they would get stuck in rush hour traffic.  Thank you all for a great visit.  I hope that you all will follow me here on this blog.

Yesterday,  I signed my Income Tax Forms, and now have to set up a payment schedule for both sate and federal.  Not happy about it , but it is what it is and I have to do it.

Today it was just another errand day and had a dinner visit postponed until next Thursday.   Looking forward to seeing my neighbors, Eric and Carol Our life with our dogs in an RV on 50 Amps, before I leave.  I did cancel my land line and the internet service, because I switched the internet to be tethered to my i phone.

Tomorrow will be a busy day.  I will get some laundry done.  It will be all of my bed linens that I can’t do in my W/D.  I will also need Ted to help make the bed because I won’t be able to lift the mattress to tuck in the fitted sheet, because of my hand.  Ted will be coming this weekend to help me to make sure everything that he needs to do will get done.  I will also be using my crockpot for the first time.  Sunday we are having a pot luck at church, so I decided to make beef stew.  I may even bring a cake too, because Ted’s birthday is on Monday..

That’s my plans for the weekend,  I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend as well.

I think that I had better finish this as the left hand is getting a bit tired, since it’s the first time that I am typing with out the restraining “thingee” on and Angel is ready for bed.


Thanks for visiting

Susan and Angel


  1. Where is the time going? I can't believe you are this close to your departure date.

  2. That is the greatest picture of Angel. We have an Angel just down the block from us here in Apache Junction. It will feel so good to be on the road again.

  3. Angel looks so sweet sleeping there on her bed. It sounds like you are almost ready to roll. Safe travels to you and looking forward to your posts.

  4. The time is going very fast! Bet you are getting excited!

  5. Tick tock. OMG it's almost here! 45 years since your last margarita? Be prepared for yet another when we meet. We shall have to make a toast. :)

  6. Time is getting shorter.Tell Angel she will still have some days she needs her sweaters. I hope she will get along with Alexander & Sissy. I just took their sweaters off. Its a beautiful day today. They have been outside most of the day.Sometime days go by too slow and others fly. Give me a call when you get a chance. Love You Evelyn