Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Catch Up, Errands, and Waiting



Here it is, already Wednesday, and I’m waiting for a delivery.  Don’t you just love waiting? 

It is a bit time consuming to write these posts, hunting and pecking with one hand. 

Since last Friday, it has been kind of slow.  Not much that I can do, one handed without putting stress on my left hand.

Saturday, just caught up on laundry.   I am so glad that I have a W/D, even though they are very small loads and takes about 3 hours, I put the clothes in, start the washer and forget about it.  More catching up on blogs  and watched a couple of movies took care of the rest of the day.

Now Sunday. I decided to cover my cast with a plastic bag instead of the cast cover that I bought on Friday. That one looked really cumbersome. It worked, so that would be going back.

     IMG_0543            IMG_0545

The only way this worked was because of one of those rubber tourniquets tied in  a     knot and duct tape.  The blue thing is a hospital “piddle” pad.

No ride to church, so I drove myself.  It was easy, but I didn’t push it, just there and back.  The rest of the day, more blogs, movies and I bit of sorting.

Monday I had to take the truck in for a follow up after the transmission upgrade. Since I was out I ran around taking care of business.  Took back the cast cover, stopped at the post office, and splurged a little by getting a pedicure with reflexology.  Oh that felt so goooood!  After a couple more stops, I went home, saw a little TV, had dinner, read blogs and went to bed.

Tuesday, a stay at home day, just a kick back day until I got a bit guilty, so I sorted through more papers, though there’s still more to go through. 

Still waiting!  I think that if I get involved in something I might miss the delivery and I need him to bring it into the coach for me.   Oh well, I’ll just make dinner, pork tenderloin, sautéed onions and mushrooms with butternut squash risotto and spinach.  I don’t usually spend a lot of time cooking for just me, but this turned out good.  What do you think?



The wait is over,  The guy in the brown shorts delivered  my new printer.  More about that in another post.  I had to get my neighbor to get it out of the box and put it on my desk, not heavy just needed two hands.

The challenge is to get the papers and art stuff sorted and organized.   It will have to wait.  It’s time for bed.  Angel’s ready.

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Susan and Angel


  1. Your dinner sounds and looks delicious! I haven't had a pork loin in a long time, but I really like them.

    You're keeping yourself busy - that's good. You'll be on the road soon. :)

  2. How on earth did you do all that one-handed? I can't even cook like that with 2! :) In fact, I wish I could cook like that with 2. It's boring being sick or handicapped. You're doing a good job of taking care of you. Hang in there! And yes, like Barbara said - you'll be out there soon.

    BTW, thanks for visiting my blog. It means the world to me. HugZ to you and Angel, D

  3. Yum, that looks really good. I love pork tenderloin too, but George not so much :) Glad that you are managing with your one hand!

  4. Replies
    1. TX is the abbreviation for the state of Texas.

  5. Susan, Everything looks good & tasty. I wish I had your energy.It won't be long and you'll be on your way.Can't wait till you get here. It's been alooooonnnng time.I wish we could have a reunion where the whole family could be together.
    Love you, Evelyn

    1. I plan on TRYING to come down this summer... it's like an 8 hour drive with 2 teenagers sooooooooooo it's still up for discussion.

    2. I'm still debating on a trip down there... it's an 8hr drive and with 2 teenagers.... ummm it's still for discussion.

  6. Hey Mom... just checking in.. can't wait till you are in TX cause then you aren't "as far" as you are now.