Friday, February 17, 2012

Got The Hitch Itch, More Purging

                                            I’ll be out here soon.                 


Since it has been so chilly in the morning I have been staying under the down comforter rather than turning on a heater to keep warm.  On Thursday I was up early and out of the door by 7:30 am to get the oil changed in the truck in preparation for leaving Sacramento in March.  I know that maintenance on a diesel  is more expensive, so I planned on under $200.00.  I was pleasantly surprised when the bill was $90.24.  The biggest expense was the oil.I would definitely recommend Jesse Dong Moc at the Neighborhood Garage. 

  DSC00782    DSC00784

He doesn’t charge for diagnosing what’s wrong and the labor is fair, only $12.00 this time.

  DSC00780 DSC00781  

   Jesse   (manager)                                     Carl   (electrical guy)

Carl is the one that fixed my blower last Summer, who was very personable and knowledgeable about RVs.  They don’t normally work on diesel engines, but can do minor repairs like some electrical and oil changes.  Since he doesn’t do transmissions, Jesse recommended California Transmissions, who also doesn’t charge for diagnostics and did a great upgrade on my transmission.  So, I know, this sounds like a commercial, but I just wanted to reflect on my experiences there.  They were great, so if you are in the Sacramento area (actually Rancho Cordova) and need their services, give them a call.

When I got home, I took a look at papers that I’ve kept one more time.  A little bit more got tossed, some of it will go to the kids when I see them.  Still trying to sell my sleeper/sofa to get rid of more weight.  I put it on craigslist.  I had a couple of responses that didn’t sound valid, so will have to do it again.  Surely, there is someone locally that can use this.


No plans for the weekend, so maybe I will just get out and take Angel for a walk down by the American River.  I hope that you all have a great weekend.

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DSC00783 When are we leaving?

Susan and Angel


  1. My kids take their cars to Jesse, and I do too. The cost of an oil change between my 1 ton diesel and my 6 cyl Toyota is a pleasant experience.

  2. We're in the process of getting rid of our sleeper sofa, too. My ad on craigslist has had not one bite but I think we may have it sold to someone else. Hopefully! Love the photo of Angel!

  3. If this is the photo you used on C L, I would suggest taking a couple more. One, without the wrinkle on the back... and close up of the design. just a suggestion from one who has been selling tons on C L. good luck!

  4. I use my blog to post reviews, good and bad, of companies I have dealt with. Helps me to remember where to go and may help out another blogger.

  5. Love the dog picture! I'm in an old mini-motorhome on my own, sometimes wondering how those alone in fifth wheels do. I wander if I am too lazy for the extra work a fifth wheel requires. If you get rid of the couch, where will the dog lounge around?

    1. Angel has her own space by the back window next to my recliner where she can check out the neighborhood dogs.

  6. Great to hear from you. Love, love, love "leaving Sacramento in March." Go Susan! Angel will help. :)

  7. Always nice to hear of an honest service person. Glad you're getting everything ship shape and ready to roll. Angel sure looks ready.

  8. We have yet to begin trying to sell anything. I donated and dumped a lot last year, but then decided to wait until Craig was ready to help.

  9. Susan,
    Just wanted to make sure when they change the oil and filter that they change the fuel filter as well. The diesels are very finicky on fuel even a small clog or water can cause some real problems trying to get power while towing (learned this the hard way).


    ps: wanna trade oil change bills? your truck holds 10-12 quarts and mine holds 10 gallons! LOL

  10. You're almost there!!!

    Angel looks so cute sitting up in that chair. :)