Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Back Into A Routine Sort Of and B and B Sightings



                              That empty road is being used again. 

They are installing a compressor at the CPF-B ( I found out what the letters stand for. Central Production Facility–B ) .  A is on the other side of the ranch, not accessed through my gate.  The compressor should be here by the end of this week.  It will help to eliminate some of the gas so that the wells will be able to produce more oil.  The crews have been, for the most part, working  M thru F, although they may work this weekend once the compressor is here.  My guess is that they will be here through next week, although it may only take one or two  to get it on line.  Who knows, we’ll just have to wait to see what happens, probably more tankers will come in. 

So far, someone is here by about 5:30 in the morning and then within an an hour, most every one is back on site by 8;00.  At times I may have up to 5 vehicles in line waiting to sign in.  I clear the line fairly quick, as take down the essential information and fill in the rest in between entries.  Once in a while, during the day, someone will leave and come back.  That accounts for multiple entries for one vehicle. 

The guys are really nice, offering to get ice or what ever I might need, and I certainly appreciate that.  I am pretty well set for my daily needs when my sister, Evelyn comes with my mail and groceries, but it’s the ice that I run out of.  This morning Tino gave me ice from his own supply on his way out and will replenish his supply from an ice maker that he has access to.  Thanks Tino!

Once everyone is in, other than the ones that come and go, it is fairly quiet and I can take short naps, then around 4:00 pm, it is a couple of mass exoduses.  Most everyone is gone by 5:30 pm.  Sometime after 8:30 pm, I turn on the lights, wait a couple of hours to see if any tankers come in before I close the gate. If I’m lucky, I can get a full night’s sleep.  Once I’m out of here, it will feel weird, not hearing that bell go off every time a wheel goes over it.  There is a gate across the road and some times I hear their bell in the middle of the night and I’m up to check.  Of course, that’s usually just after I’ve dozed off.  There is something wrong with the bell line where they enter the gate.  Sometimes it doesn’t work.  So, sometimes I don’t hear when a truck comes in.  If I’m busy or napping I can miss them, but fortunately they will either honk their horn or knock on the door.  They are very conscientious and know that they have to sign in.  A big thank you to all of them.  Johnny, the one that supplies my diesel and water will come out to repair or replace it.

I am so ready for this gig to be over.  I would, however, do it again, but for no more than 3 months at one time and not in the summer, at least not as a single in the summer.

Since Sunday, there have been more Birdie and Bunny sightings.  I actually got a picture of the Road Runner (RR) taking a (dust) bath.

  100_2299  100_2313

                         RR dust bath                   2nd pic, dark spot with the rock is the puddle

As you can see from the 2nd picture, the puddle from the A/C dripping isn’t big enough for real bath, but it is enough for them ( the Bs and Bs) to slake their thirst.

Angel is always on watch for those (Bs and Bs).  For the last few early mornings, I have been sitting outside while the parade of trucks come in the gate and she likes to sit on my lap.  It is kind of funny, inside when she sees a bunny or bird, she barks and scratches or tries to dig her way out, (hard to do on a pillow) to get to it, yet when outside, she sits on my lap and shakes or tremors, watches them intently with maybe a quiet low growl or none at all, but doesn’t try to get them.  I guess that she thinks that she is protecting me, because they stay away.      She is such a good girl.

  100_2309   100_2310

This is what she sees form her perch by the back window.  The puddle is right below where she sits.

That’s about it from the La Bandera Ranch Gate.  Take care and stay cool.

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100_2319 okay, where’s the next one?

Susan and Angel


  1. That gate guarding stuff is not a job I'd like to do. More power to you! :)

  2. When Maggie gets excited, she'll shiver and shake and make strange little "alien" noises. Funny, aren't they? :)

  3. I'm sure you are nearly roasted out there as I know it has been really hot. Even hotter up in Wichita Falls where we used to live (113 degrees). Florida panhandle has been in the mid 90s which sounds a lot cooler but the humidity is something else. Glasses fog over the minute you step out. And we've had so much rain. It was sunny this morning when I got up but is already starting to darken up outside.

    1. It was nice this am with lots of clouds. It is supposed to Ver to 100* today, but I'm keeping cool with the A/C.

  4. Put a pan under the A/C drip so the water can accumulate for a better bath & drink spot? Hang in there, kudos for working the hot summer! We're winter gg's, if we come back this fall? Keep looking for something else to do for better money. Guess we're greedy, but that 24/7 gets old, fast, doesn't it? Tom & Lynn

    1. Great idea, I'm using a frisbee weighted down with rocks.