Sunday, August 5, 2012

Chores, BD and BBBs–New Painting



This morning was nice and cool with cloudy skies, so we sat outside, me reading and Angel guarding.  That Roadrunner didn’t stay long, neither die the bunny.  So far, other than the one tanker after midnight, only Adrian, the company man has shown up.

Since my last post, it has been busy during the day, not much in the evening and a few tankers at night. I’m really getting tired of the caliche dust.  I leave the door open early in the morning for a bit of fresh air, but after an hour or so, the gate across the road begins to get busy, so I have to close it and let the A/C run.  I stay outside until it starts to warm up and when most everyone has signed in, then I go inside too, where I spend the rest of the day.

    100_2356  100_2338

                          just a couple of the big things coming through the gate

The highlight of Friday was defrosting the refrigerator, freezer and the portable freezer.  I thought that I would get that done before Evelyn comes today.  In my past life, (pre RV),  that chore was one of my least favorite things to do.  It still isn’t in my top 10, but it is a lot easier and doesn’t take too long either.  It has to be done, especially out here where it it is so hot and it helps keep boredom at bay for a little while.  This morning, I have already done two loads of wash and just need to do the dishes and then I’m all caught up on the chores.  Don’t cha just love this life style, same old chores,but they don’t take as long.

Yes, my sister will come today with my mail and a few groceries, but most of all we will be able to celebrate her birthday, which is today.  I made a pineapple upside down cake in my Redi Set Go cooker.  I haven’t used it for awhile, so it’s a good excuse to get it out.  Sure beats using the oven.  A Jiffy Cake Mix will make two small layers made individually.  Each took only 5 minutes.  Definitely made in a Jiffy.  With whipped cream to top it off, it will be a nice dessert.

 100_2360  100_2362

     As an after thought I drizzled some cherry juice on top of the whipped cream.           

In one of the comments Tom and Lynn suggested using a container to catch the water dripping from the A/C, so I used an extra Frisbee and weighted it down with rocks.  I believe that the local bees are really enjoying it.  They are taking baths too.


I still want to figure out how I can move it out where I can watch the activity from the window.  If you click on the picture to enlarge it, you can see the bees.

                           Birdies, Bunnies and Bugs, ( BBBs)

I guess that I can add another B to the things that Angel guards me from,   Bugs!

           100_2352   100_2304

  The spider, she tracked until it went away, but the grasshopper, no interest!

I finished another painting.  I’m sure some  of you will remember seeing this flower on Judy’s ( Travels with Emma ) blog. Thank you, Judy for letting me download it.  You take amazing pictures.

     100_2333     100_2334

As I close this evening, it has gotten really windy and I’m getting a lot of the dust from the gate across the road.  I think  that my voice is changing because of so much of it in the air, so it’s a good thing that I’m out of here in three, yea, three weeks. I hope that you all have had a great weekend.

Thanks for visiting

100_2343see, Mom there he is, I chased him away

                                      (Mom’s note; it’s the black dot in the center of the picture)

Susan and Angel


  1. Believe it or not I really do proofread before I post. The bunny didn't die. It should read , neither did the bunny. Sorry about that folks.

  2. I bet you'll be happy to get out of there. I don't think that dust would be good for anyone, and I get asthma, so probably not for me either :)

  3. Your new painting shows talent !! Keep it up !!

  4. Guess will put Tom on figuring out how to channel that with a tube of some kind? Hope those bees aren't aggressive & don't bother you. We used to be beekeepers in our other life. Beautiful paintings, you are very talented! I agree, Judy takes really great pics! Glad you will soon be moving on. Great fun to celebrate your sister's birthday. Stay safe, Tom & Lynn