Friday, August 10, 2012

Dust and Roadrunner Report and Gate Update


                                                 Good Morning, 

Both of these pictures are of the busy gate across the road and all the dust that the traffic creates.


The trucks were lined up for a long way back on Highway 186, so the dust didn’t let up for nearly an hour.  Fortunately most of it blew away from where I was sitting outside, but I still ended up going inside soon after I took these pictures.

Another morning, while outside, that roadrunner came by on his morning hunt for breakfast.  He is getting quite daring.  Angel is on a thin cable when we are outside, so I don’t worry about her chasing the BBBs.  This RR stays just out of range when he walks by.  Most of the time I don’t have to use the zoom.   Angel will sit watching the RR, letting me know that he is there with a low growl and shaking.  When he gets really close, sometimes she just can’t contain her composure and will bark and jump off the stool and try to get him, but he just jumps back out of reach and continues his hunt.  I have recently been using the video setting on my camera to try to catch him catching flying insects, but haven’t gotten one yet and I haven’t figured out how to post a video on this blog yet either.  So stills will have to do.

  100_2373   100_2377100_2364       100_2363


I finally figured out how to create a tiny stream from where the A/C drips to a spot where it collects, visible from inside.  Now we can see the BBBs get a drink.

This morning it was a bit busier than it has been, as the compressor came today as well as the combustor and the knock out drum.  All of them are large pieces of equipment, each on their own flatbed truck.  There have been a lot of crews at the site working on getting it installed.  The last two trucks just left (8:00 pm).  They were leaving by 3:00 pm.  I bet that they are really tired as it has been over 100* all day. I don’t think that they all will be working over the weekend, so maybe I will get a break and catch some longer naps. 

Earlier I called Johnny, my go to guy. to let him know that I had only 40 gallons of diesel left.  He showed up a couple of hours ago to bring me fuel.  I now have another 30 gallons.  Normally he would top it off, but evidently one of his tanks has a leak so will have come back Monday to do that.  He is really good at not letting me run out of fuel or water.  I also reminded him that I would be leaving in two weeks, although I may just stay a few days longer as I really don’t want to start a new job on a Holiday/Festival weekend.  I also want to upgrade my awning to one that is automatic and has a motion sensor on it.  I called Camping World and was told that they need two weeks to order the parts.  It should only take a few hours to install it.  Is there anyone out there that has an automatic awning with sensor, if so, how do you like it?  Is it worth the $$$ to do this?

Well, I had better finish this while I am still getting signal.  Happy weekend to you all.


                                                     Good Night

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Susan and Angel


  1. The dust must be really bad. You will have to get your 5ver washed when you leave there. I got so much dust after 3 months in Lassen my rig was unbelievably filthy.

  2. Poor Angel - being tormented by the RR. Bt I love that last picture of her staying cool. Only two weeks to go. Hard to believe you're almost done already.

  3. Please give a pat to Angel for me. Gingee sends a tail wag. Love that roadrunner! How can we not?

  4. Love your little river set up! Mother of invention, you know!