Thursday, January 24, 2013

Early Work and Visitors


It’s just a lazy day here in the RGV.  Of course, that’s after I get up early in the morning to clean toilets and mop floors.  The more that I do it, the easier and quicker it is to get it done.  I just sat in the recliner, caught up with the news on TV and lazed about until my visitors arrived.


About 11:00 am, Evelyn and Kevin found us.  I had met them earlier after going to a Good Sam Rally in 2011 in Phoenix.   We visited for a while and then took a walk over to the clubhouse to show them around.  After that they had to leave as they had to run some errands.  I’m sure that we will meet again down the road.  Safe travels to you both.  thanks for the visit.


Later in the afternoon, I finished the watercolor of the pelican that I started last November at the Pecan Festival.  Now that I have more time and the weather is more pleasing, I will have to finish the one done in acrylics and do more painting, as well as checking out the local flora and fauna.

There isn’t much happening today, so I hope that you all are having a great week’

Thanks for visiting

IMG_0409 Just checking out what’s happening

Susan and Angel


  1. Nice that you can get your "chores" done early and have time for yourself. You make me feel a bit guilty... I've been carrying around art supplies for 12 years and never seem to get motivated to do anything. Nice pelican!

    1. I still feel guilty because I don't do it more often.

  2. It was fun seeing you again. Your paintings are very good. I wonder if the campground would let you put some up in the clubhouse to sell. All these Winter Texans have plenty of money to spend :)

  3. Your pelican picture was very good. Angel looks bored, but snug and happy. Glad to hear your job is going good.

  4. I think I missed you at the Walk Through yesterday. I'm finding cell phone reception is a little sketchy here in the valley and I was on the other side of the development. Hopefully we can get together soon.