Sunday, January 6, 2013

It’s Been A Year Since Retiring, A Lot Has Happened

                     (Post started on the 5th   posted on the 6th)

           DSC00747 While at work, this was my focus.

Yes, one year ago today was my last day at work.  January 6th, 2012 was the first day of my long awaited retirement.  It was a bit weird, not going into work, but it didn’t take long for me to get used to it.  I was busy getting it all together to get out on the road.  My plan was to leave the area on February 1st, 2012.  It was not to be.  Towards the end of January, while cleaning out the storage shed, I tripped on the cord that I tied Angel with.  I fell and broke my hand.

DSC00758I can’t imagine what Ted was Thinking!

This put my leaving out another 6 weeks.  I ended up leaving on March 10th,  Since I would be towing “My Spot”, Ted felt more comfortable helping me drive to Phoenix.  I am so glad that he did as we had a problem with a bolt shearing off on the Super Glide Hitch.  We were able to get that taken care of while being stuck in Banning for a couple of days.  He was able to get the manufacture to replace the hitch, but we had to locate one in the area, pick it up and then Ted installed it.

One the way out of town, we discovered that my brake lights didn’t work.  One more thing to get fixed.  We found an RV store where Ted and the man there worked on it for over an hour and couldn’t figure out why they weren’t working while hooked up to the bed of the truck.  However they did work with the bumper connection.  With that taken care of, we finally made it to Queen Creek, AZ where I would be “mooch” docking at my oldest daughter’s in laws.  ( Thank you again, Lupe and Janelle )  Before Ted flew back to San Francisco, he need to rewire the power cord, so that I could use the connection in the truck bed.  I called fellow bloggers, Jim and Sandie of Where are the Dixons Today, who were in Apache Junction to meet them while I was in the area.  Jim graciously offered to let Ted use any of his tools that he needed.  I visited with Sandie while the guys worked on the truck.  Ted just amazes me as what he can do.  It wasn’t long before the work was done.  Again, I am so grateful to another wonderful RVing couple.

I was in the Phoenix area and was able to spend time with both of my daughters and families that live in the area as well as a friend from elementary school that I hadn’t seen since 1958.  Wow, How time flies.  After a couple of weeks, I was on my way to Texas.

DSC01082   IMG_0725

I needed to be at Garner State Park in Concan, TX.  I would be starting my first workamping job on  April 1st.  There I worked in the visitor’s center and at the day use window or gate.  I was also making plans to work as a gate guard.  That happened within the month and I was on my way to the South TX oilfields. 


What an experience, working by myself (and Angel) 24/7,  I learned how to work the gate and manage my time, figuring out when I could sleep and take care of personal needs.  There were a few things that I had to deal with, one which was falling down the stairs when going out of the fiver and spraining my wrist and another was the freezing of my I Phone.  I remained in the oilfields for four months at three different locations.  I was only able to stay that long because of my sister accepting my forwarded mail and going to Walmart for me every couple of weeks.  I must thank her too for her help.  It was nice being able to see her and visit with her so often. 

Labor Day was my last day gate guarding.  I had arranged to have my awning replaced with one that was automatic at the Camping World (CW) in New Braunfels.


On the way there I stopped at Travelers World to spend a night using my Passport America membership and meet up with another fellow blogger and former gate guard, Susan and Bob of Travel Bug.  Susan is the one who relieved me so that I could get my I Phone fixed.  Thank you again for help.  While there, I had a bit of a learning curve to deal with, three incidents with the 5ver.  That’s where I collided with some rocks and the corner of the office.  More for CW to fix when I get there.

IMG_0065 IMG_0058 I spent a couple of days there while they installed the new awning and they also fixed my sewer connection and a clearance light and ordered the replacement parts so that I could get to my next workamping job north of the city of West, TX.  I started on September 6th and while trying to get situated, I tangled with a tree.  100_2470 (10” or 12” gash in the roof) 

Now I would need to get the roof replaced.  There I worked in the office and gift store 20 hours a week for site and most utilities.  It really wasn’t what I expected and I was offered a job where I am now, so when I was notified that my parts were in, I accepted this position nearer to CW. 

Repairs were finished after nearly a week at CW.  I was beginning to think that CW was my new home.  I was fortunate that I could stay in the rig overnight and during the day I got to know the area better and visited with another blogger, Colleen of Traveling with Long Dogs.

I finally got to Leisure Resort in Fentress, TX on October 19th and even before I could get into a space I picked up a hitch-hiking jeep and towed it about 8 feet.

                 IMG_0165  IMG_0162

I even had a spotter, but he was in the wrong place.  The damage was in the same place that I just had fixed.  Another wait for parts and two more days at CW.  I made it back with no more incidents and am working here learning the Campground Master computer program.  Earlier I was able to organize their Halloween Event in October.  There isn’t much happening, so it’s hard to learn the system by doing.  No matter how much you read, practical application is the way that I learn the best.

That brings me up to my current location.  A lot has happened and a lot learned.  I’ve been able to visit with family and friends.  For my first year on the road, it has been mostly what I expected, but definitely an enjoyable experience (at least for the most part).  I’m looking forward to my continuing travel adventures. 

Thanks for visiting

IMG_0223  Where are we going next?

Susan and Angel


  1. Hopefully, this year will be repair free. :)

  2. Oh goodness, you've had your share of incidents! Hope 2013 goes much smoother! Thanks for sharing.

  3. That dog is sure cute!
    The year went kinda fast. It's unfortunate that some of the time was spent "waiting for parts"?
    It'll get easier to stay away from immovable objects as you go on I imagine.
    I've met up with a couple now and again. Rather not talk about it.

  4. It has happened to us all, keep your chin up and this year of travels is bound to be better!

  5. Great post. Here's to a 2013 with no incidents and accompanying repairs! See you Tuesday.

  6. I can't believe it has been a year now. You've really accomplished a lot and I hope the coming year runs smoothly for you.

  7. Thanks for the shout-out, other Susan A. LOL.

    2013 has to be better, right?

    I'm looking forward to seeing you and the other ladies on Tuesday!