Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Meeting More RVing Friends

Sunday ,while relaxing I got a call from Alyson in the office, wanting to know if I wanted her to give my phone number to Phil and Rudee who were in the area.  Of course, I said yes!  They were on there way to gate guarding in  South TX.  They had already parked about 10 miles south of me in Luling, TX.  They came on over to visit. We had a great visit and decided to continue the visit at dinner.   I followed them back to Luling, where we had dinner at Blake’s. 


After more conversation and take home containers, we called it a night.  I’m sure that we will meet up again down the road.

Then yesterday, I braved the rain and headed to Selma to have lunch with a few more RVing women.  Colleen of Traveling with Long Dogs and Margareta are part timers and Susan of Travel Bug, Peri of Tales From The Camping House and I are all full timers.


                               me, Peri,Colleen, Margareta and Susan

That’s what is so great about this life style.  You can meet people that you would never have met otherwise.  You have the same interests and can share experiences.  You can meet people that read your blog and you begin reading their blogs and when you do meet F to F, it’s like meeting old friends.  Ya gotta love it!

I just found out that Colleen’s son was in a motorcycle accident yesterday.  Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

Looks like the rain has abated and it is beginning to dry out, getting ready for the next round of wet weather this weekend.  From the view out of my window, it looks like the San Marcos River has risen, but not flooded into the primitive area yet.

 IMG_0533   IMG_0536

                        from my rig                                          a closer look

It hasn’t been very busy lately, so I haven’t worked much, but tomorrow I will work 7 hours.  I guess we will be getting odds and ends done to prepare for the coming season.  It usually begins during Spring Break.  Here we go!

I hope that you all are having a great week.  

Thanks for visiting

IMG_0332 I’m staying out of the rain and cold.

Susan and Angel


  1. That was a very good luncheon yesterday. It's good to reconnect.

  2. Meeting up with other folks is what I miss about not traveling and being static instead. Color me jealous! Glad ya'll had a good time. Keep an eye on that river; rivers in Texas can be prone to flash flooding at times. Angel is such a sweetie; love her photos!

  3. Phil & Rudee seem like such nice people. Glad you got to meet them!