Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Location / Rio Grande Valley



I woke up early this morning and finished getting ready to move South.  I took my time, fixed breakfast, did the dishes and got the last minute stuff put up. 

I had already unhooked the sewer connection, hooked up the truck on Monday afternoon.  I had to bring my post office box keys back to the post office and put in a change of address just in case any mail gets sent to that address.  With that accomplished I went back home and made some phone calls while I waited for it to warm up a little bit before I did all the outside preparations. Once they were done I just watched some television before I went to bed..

So, at about 8:00 am, I was outside unplugging form shore power and putting the water hose away when David came over to say good bye.  I plugged “My Spot” into the truck raised all the jacks and David helped me check check the lights and put the electrical cord away.  It was hard to roll up because it was so cold, so I just stuffed it into the basement.  All compartments were closed and the door locked, steps secured and I was on my way by 8:30. 

No mishaps on the way out or on the way here.  I just drove straight thru a little over 300 miles.  Instead of going through San Antonio, I took TX 80 south to I 10, then west to Seguin, then south on TX 123 to US 181 to Karnes.  There I headed west on TX 72 over to I 37 south and then west on FM 1799.and then went farther west on US 59 to US 281.  From there it was straight south to Pharr, TX.  I then went west on Expressway 83 to Mission and finally to Pleasant Valley Resort.  That sounds like a long and complicated trip,, but it wasn’t.  I just followed the route on my I Pad and it took me where I wanted to go, mostly two lane roads, but some four lane.  I didn’t have hardly any traffic at all until I got down to the Rio Grande Valley. There are a lot of people here, but it still wasn’t too bad. 

Of course, I had to check in with the kids to let them know I arrived.  I also had to let my friend. Martha know that I was here, She and Homer have been in Pharr for the last three weeks.  We’ll try to get together tomorrow. 

We got here about 3;00 pm.  Angel is the best travel companion.  We only stopped at one rest area for a potty break (both of us).  She even just sat there in the truck while we set up the rig, even with the door open.  This is a very big park, the streets are NOT very wide and there are cars and trucks parked all over.  Fortunately, a couple of the fellas that work here helped me get parked and set up.  After I got everything in it’s place, I fixed dinner and settled down to see what TV channels they have here.

I may have to wait to get this published, as I’m not sure how to access their internet.



Just a quick mention of a visit from some friends for north TX,   Martha and Homer, we had a quick visit with a promise to get together later this weekend.


Hi again,  It is Thursday and I am in the clubhouse where they have free WIFI trying to post.. I will be meeting shortly with Theresa, the manager and the other person in housekeeping to set up hours and obligations.  So here’s hoping that this works.

Thanks for visiting


Susan and Angel


  1. It worked fine!

    Thank you for the updates. Glad you arrived safe and sound.

    You're right, though, your directions sounded very confusing.

  2. Always happy to hear that a friend has had a safe and uneventful trip to their destination. Wish I were in the Valley now... maybe I'd be warm!

  3. Glad you had a good trip south. Enjoy your new job there!

  4. Looking forward to pictures of your new location. Glad you made it safely.