Thursday, October 7, 2010

Celebration at Work, More Painting

Another work week gone.  It went by fairly quick, except for while it was happening.  Even  painting cards  in between calls didn't seem to help.  It just dragged by slooowly. This was National Customer Service Week and at work it is a big thing.  Every day there was something going on.


              Sorry it's so dark, but it was 4:30 am and the flash didn't work.

This is what was waiting for us when we got to work on Monday morning,  It was breakfast, all kinds of things from bagels and croissants to fruit and juices.  The rest of the week we could "earn" tickets for a raffle by participating in various activities.  The prizes were lots of gift cards  for all kinds of stores and restaurants, even a day off with pay.  On Friday there is lunch for everyone, but I won't be there, it's my regular day off.

Today I ran up to El Dorado CA to CLEARBAGS for the bags for my cards.  (Thanks Mel)  Things are starting to come together as far as the inventory for the craft fair at work on November 17th is concerned.  I'm still painting cards, but the last one is in sight.

                                DSCF0010          Once those are done, then I have stationery to color.  When all those are done then I can concentrate on prints. 

I did take a look at  I'm not sure that I understand how it all works.  If there is anyone out there in blog land that has a sight, it would be helpful to find out if it is worth the time and effort, what kind of response to expect and what kind of time is involved in setting up a sight, taking pictures of product etc..  This business is just to supplement Soc.Sec., so I don't want it to be overwhelming.  It would be nice to only do the work and have someone else do the marketing, but that won't be happening.  Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Tomorrow should be a good time to finish adding some things to the Big Painting.  I thought it was finished, but after living with it for a while, it "talks" to you (me).  It won't be much.  It will  be cool in the morning and it shouldn't take too long.  I will really be glad when it is DONE.  Then, finding a way to transport it to church will be a challenge.  The actual measurement is 4' 6" x 5' 6".  Hopefully it will fit in my van without having to take out the seats.  My son has a truck and he might help if it doesn't fit.  During the rest of the day there is some work to do outside.

This weekend my son will be camping at Pismo Beach with his Truck Club.  They go there every year.  After reading Margie's and Bruce's blog, I would have liked to go too,  but I don't do the tent thing anymore.  Besides there is too much to do here.

I hope that everyone out there on or off the road is having a great week and will have a greater weekend.

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  1. The cards I can see in the picture look beautiful. Can't wait to see how you do with them. You have a great week end too.