Sunday, October 24, 2010

Computer problems, and Catch up....

It's been a while since I've posted because I had to take my laptop in to have the screen replaced before the 1st year warranty is up. It will take two to four weeks before it will be done, but in the meantime, everything that I do is online, bills had to paid, etc.. I had not planed on getting an Ipad for a while, but does solve that problem. The wish list has changed. I guess I'm getting used to plans written in smoke (as Marikay puts it). I'm really liking the Ipad. Although I have been using Live Writer for my blog, I don't think that the Ipad supports that program. At least I have figured out how to get my blog done. The rest of Friday had me running errands. Flu shot, done, get a tarp to cover the painting for transport, done, feed the car, done, and took money out of one bank and put it in another so I can pay off a couple of credit cards, done. The car needs the oil changed, but had to wait a day.

Saturday, bright and early we (Angel and I) took the car in for the oil change, also had the tires rotated, had them replace the wiper blades and check all the fluids. The rest of the morning and early afternoon had me getting the second bedroom ready for Ted and trying to get familiar with the Ipad. There definitely a learning curve because it is a Mac not Windows.

Ted was in town for our church's 50th Anniversary. Ted would be transporting the painting to the dinner. It's good thing he has a pickup with the back covered, because it rained all day. We got it to the dinner in time. We left it covered until the presentation. It was a real nice evening. The place was packed, with the current members and a lot of former members. There was a lot of reminiscing among everyone and people visiting with others that they hadn't seen in years. Most of those I did not recognize. I'm one of the new members, been there only eleven years. The choir sang a couple of selections and the I presented the painting. Those that have talked to me had nothing but compliments. After the dinner was over, we had to break everything down and bring tables, the painting and a lot of other stuff back to the church. It was a very busy day. When we were done, we went home and after Ted helped me with adding things to the Ipad, it was off to bed.

Today, we went to church and after we went to Best Buy to pick up a back up CD from my laptop (just in case). I also got a car charger and a camera connection kit. Now I have to figure out how to use it.

Last week went by soooooo slow and it is already Sunday. Another four day work week, sort of. Thursday is our team's volunteer day. We will be going to the Sacramento Zoo. The zoo has "BOO at the ZOO" every Halloween. What we do is help them set it all up. Last year I carved pumpkins and this year I expect to do the same. It is a lot of fun and we get paid to do it.

That's about all that I've been up to. Just wanted to catch you all up. I am still trying to catch up on reading all the blogs that I follow. I hope that you all have had a wonderful week and weekend. Take care and enjoy each other.

Thanks for visiting

Susan and Angel.


  1. All of us are so connected via laptops/computers, etc...that we are lost without it!

  2. You were so busy, I hope you took time to breathe. I knew they would love the painting. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hiya Susan & Angel. I'm free of job and catching up on blogs. Looks like you have been busy and finding new adventures. One step, One day, our time will come.