Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween at Work and Yard Research

Today, I went over to Best Buy to get help with downloading pictures from my camera to my Ipad. I spoke with Brad, he also tried to download them but couldn't, so I thought I would get a new memory card. Over in that department Tyler was able to help. I purchased the card and of course I had to make sure that it worked. Tyler was a good sport and let me take his picture. Now to try to post the picture. I'm not having any luck. It may be because Blogger might not be compatible with retrieving photos or the blogger (me) just doesn't know how, probably the latter rather than the former. Sorry another post with no pictures.

In answer to Pidge, the pumpkins that I did were done using those stenches that you attach and then cut out. There were so many to do that I just found the easiest ones and then used my drill to drill holes to spell out Boo at the Zoo, not very creative. BTW, for some reason I couldn't publish your comment, I tried.

Even though I was off work today, I went in to check out the decorations. Some of the teams went all out. There were underwater themes, above the water pirates, cowboys and indians and a lot of others that I didn't check out. I took pictures and was able to download them onto my Ipad, but not able to get them posted. Sorry. One of these days I'll figure it out.

This afternoon Bob came over to go over what we can do in the backyard. It will probably be close to a thousand dollars to add irrigation and either sod or pavers of some kind. When all this rain is over I will have to spray Roundup to kill all the Bermuda grass and then get rid of the bark mulch before we can do whatever we decide to install. After our meeting, Angel and I went Silverado Building Materials to check out what's available. They have tons of ideas for landscaping, (pun intended) but they are so expensive. I still have to work with in a budget and Bob will help me do that.

After a bowl of soup for dinner and a bit of TV, it's off to bed. Hope you all have a great Halloween weekend.

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