Monday, November 1, 2010

Another Short Post

This weekend has just flown by. Saturday found me deciding to get a perm. I was getting tired of the straight hair, no body, couldn't do much with it. I had to put out $65.00 + tip. If you factor in that it will probably be another three or more years before I do it again, that's not too bad. The rest of the day I didn't do much of anything

Sunday, it was church and a quick trip to CostCo. I actually got out of there spending only a little bit more than ten dollars. I just needed to get yogurt for my protein shakes. It was just another day for me. I know it was Halloween, but there's usually only a hand full of kids that come by. I didn't bother with it at all this year, and kept the porch light off. There must not have been more than a few, because Angel barked only a couple of times. I've been a really weird mood lately. I just don't feel like doing anything, not that there's nothing to do. I need to get something for Carter for Christmas to include in the package with the guitar that I will be sending to his big brother Hunter. I also need to finish a painting of him for his parents. I had better get my act together and get it done.

Today I took off for no particular reason. I got out in the shed to find the sprayer and found that it would not hold any pressure, so off to Home Depot to get a new one. As you could see in one of the backyard pictures on a previous post, there is a lot of Bermuda grass that needs to be killed before any landscaping can be done. The spraying is done, but I'm sure I will have to do it again. That stuff is hard to kill.

Right now the Giants/Ranger game is on. Giants up by 2 and my bed is calling. Early day as usual tomorrow, at least it will be a three day work week.

Hope that you all had a great weekend and will have a better week

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Susan and Angel


  1. I've been surprised at myself lately thinking about getting a light perm. But $65 + tip? I'm retired now so just getting my hair cut is about the limit.

  2. That must be a pretty good perm if it lasts three years! :)

  3. Judy, it only lasts that long because I don't cut it for that long, because I donate it when it gets long.

  4. I got my last perm cut off a few years back and let the color job go as well. I'm an old fat lady, but if I smile people seem to think I look OK.

    I think about getting a perm from time to time, but then cringe at the cost.