Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Talent Showcase, Moderate Success.

Today was the day for the Craft Fair at work.  I used 5+ hours of vacation to participate.  From 10:00 am until 2:00 we could display and sell our wares.  There were 12 of us, selling all kinds of things, quilted items, baby blankets, jewelry, greeting card, handmade soaps and lotions and then there was FOOD, yummy food, (nachos, beef jerky, dried apple chips, rocky road, peanut brittle, fudge, cookies and amazing cake pops on a stick) and of course my watercolors (note cards, stationary and prints).


It started out kind of slow.  My supervisor came down and bought some note cards for someone's birthday.  Then nothing for a while and all of a sudden there were quite a bit of activity.  I ended up selling several cards and a couple of 8x10 prints.  I am actually surprised that I did as well as I did.  We were to donate 20% of our sales to our choice of two charities,  Now I will need to find another outlet to sell my artwork.  I already have a web site that I need to develop geared to what I am currently doing.

DSCF0008   DSCF0006

There were a lot of compliments, but not a lot of sales, except the food of course.  A lot of people from the other parts of the company, even the CEO, came by to check us out.  I guess it will depend on how well we did as to whether or not they will do it again.

After I packed up my stuff, I headed over to Platinum Wheels to get a new tire.  Last Saturday I pulled out of the driveway and discovered the right front tire was flat.  Fortunately I have roadside assistance on my insurance and within an hour I was on my way.  The tire could not be fixed so I have been nervously driving without a spare until today. At least I covered half of the cost of the tire with what I made on my sales.  "Easy come, Easy go".

I needed to get home right away, because someone was coming over to pick up the tent.  He paid me earlier today while I was at work.  He is Boy Scout leader and can use the big tent.  He may get more of my camping stuff when I decide what I need to get rid of.  Then later one of my neighbors stopped by. 

While we were visiting, Angel started growling.  We realized she was looking in the mirror and growling at Jean's reflection.  She's such an entertaining puppy.

It's getting late and I have to work tomorrow.  Good Night to all those out in Blogger Land!

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  1. You DIDN'T sell your Lodge, did you? Now you just have to buy an RV!

  2. No, I haven't sold the house, just some artwork. I wish that were the case. I'm ready (mentally) to get out there, but that won't happen for a while. Just one more day closer.

  3. It sounds like it was a very low pressure sale. To bad you had to use vacation time to do it.

  4. Too bad it wasn't a more successful sale for you all, but you look very professional and your items look very nice. I love your designs.

    You now have lots of things ready to go when you get your website up and running. Any Christmas Fairs in your area you can join to sell your things? I did that once, spent an entire day there, and almost no sales for anyone there. NONE for me. What an experience. Sometimes it's just not the right crowd, not in a buying mood, I guess. But I have friends who have made lots of money selling at street fairs or holiday fairs.

  5. To Marikay---- if I divide the sales by hours, I almost made what I would have if I was working, besides that I was testing the waters.
    To Barbara---- I will be checking out venues nearby. Hopefully I can participate in a couple before Christmas.