Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Bit of Baking, Puzzled and Possible Search

Today I took all those apples and made a half sheet of apple slices.  It really looks good.  It will have to wait until Wednesday when I bring it to church.  Now I have to find room in the refrigerator.  The topping will go on on Wednesday afternoon.



           The second picture is show how big it is compared to the apple.

I of course had to make a couple of calls to Ted, since I was not using a recipe.  On one of those calls he asked for the recipe for the pumpkin pie that I make every Thanksgiving. One of the ingredients is vanilla ice cream, so I had to search for that for him.


I would like to resize my header photo and haven't figured out how to do it. I am really technologically challenged.  It is probably something simple, but I still need help.  I usually write my blog on Live Writer and then post it.


One of the things that I need to start some research on is finding a toad if I end up with a Class A.  That's what I'm leaning towards, but it can still change.  Is it practical to get an older car?  I won't be able to tow what I have (KIA Sedona), and I really don't want to keep it.  I think that I would love to have a little convertible, but a little truck would be more practical.  How does one even get started in the search?


I guess it's time to start thinking about what I need for work tomorrow.  Fortunately it is a three day work week.  Yea!  (unless I get Wednesday approved)   Ted will coming in from San Francisco on Wednesday and will be cooking on Thursday but will have to go back to SF on Friday for Black Friday.  He is the manager at an Ace Hardware store there.


Thank you all for your concern for my daughter's welfare.  She is doing better. 

Also thanks for visiting

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  1. Those apple slices look wonderful!!! Will you be able to not try them out between now and Wednesday? If so, good for you.


  2. I can wait, but it will be difficult. I did taste the apples before I put it all together and it tasted good.

  3. Care to post the recipe for the hot chocolate mix you mentioned in a comment? That would make a great "family" gift for my kids to round out what I've already gotten them. Everyone likes hot chocolate, and my grandkids LOVE it.