Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday and Hiding Angel


Getting out there on Black Friday is not what I usually do.  I certainly do not like crowds, especially the pushy ones that are out there early only caring about the "bargains" that bring them out at midnight or three or five in the morning.  Not that I was out there at 2 am, but I was up that early.  My #2 daughter called me because she was bored waiting for a store to open.  She thought that I would be up getting ready for work- NOT!  After I got back to sleep, #3 daughter called me somewhere around 4 am to tell me that she was out there in the crowds.  I finally got back to sleep and didn't get up until after 8 am.  I did get out there, but not until after ten o'clock.  I was only looking for some boots,Christmas gifts for my son and Angel and a new digital camera for me. 

The camera that I currently have is inexpensive and a couple of nights ago I broke the door to the battery compartment.  It still works but the door comes off too easily.  I never found the boots, but I ended up getting a Sony Cyber-shot camera with a 10x optical zoom.  It even has a timer, image stabilization and it takes panoramic pictures. Now whether or not I figure out how to actually use those functions is another story.   The camera came with the lithium battery and for an extra $49.00 I got an additional battery, a camera case and a memory card.  I also got a mini tripod.  This is what I finally used the gift card that I got for tenth anniversary at work, so I didn't go too far in debt to get it.  I also found something for Ted, but I can't  say what it is because he reads this blog.  Sorry Ted, I'm not telling.  Oh yea I also got something for Angel at Pet Smart. That was it for venturing out there  on one of the busiest shopping days of the year.  The rest of the day I caught up on reading blogs that I follow and watched a couple of Christmas movies.

Today I slept in and I haven't even gone out of the house.  I started going through papers.  I have saved some magazine articles that I wanted to read or for reference.  There are a lot of them.  I am keeping the ones that pertain to things that I can use now or once I start RVing.  I'm also keeping some about organizing and gardening that Mellissa might like to look at once she gets here.  I only made a dent in what I have.  There is so much to go through and I've been putting it off because I was getting ready for the craft fair.  No excuse now!  It has to be done and maybe it will keep me from eating out of boredom, either too much or all the wrong things.     

      DSC00002 DSC00001

These are the pictures of Angel that I finally got last night with the new camera.  She's not begging tonight because she happy to be sleeping next to me in the recliner.

I guess that I had better finish this and get to bed.

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Susan and Angel


  1. I'm glad you have a nice camera. Angel looks so cozy in her little tent bed.

  2. Sounds like you got yourself a great camera. Pictures turned out great...