Saturday, November 13, 2010

Shopping, Scanning and Shipping

Friday Angel and I went to check out popular local store that has succumbed to the effects of the economy.  A year or so after the death of the founding father, William Glen, the family decided to call it quits.  It has been a Sacramento retail landmark for the last 47 years.  It is sad to see this store close.  I was looking for a thermos type travel mug, which they didn't have.  The one that I did get works well as far as drinking from it but it isn't a thermos so it doesn't hold the temperature like I wanted.  I did find a small grill and bake set for a microwave/convection oven or an RV oven. Part of it I can use in my toaster oven but the pans are too wide,


I also couldn't resist a warm and cuddly pink robe for $15.00 instead of $40.00.

We also drove up to El Dorado to Clear Bags to get a box of envelopes for the note cards. I was disappointed to have a note on my order stating that as of January 1st  all walk-in customers will be charged retail, unless they call their orders in with a minimum order of $40.00, if not the minimum there will be a minimum order fee.  Oh well I think that I have enough supplies to get me through for a while. Now if I can only sell what I have, then I will probably have that minimum order. 

Now that I have my laptop back and the printers reconnected I can get back to work on scanning my artwork into memory (nearly another 100 images).  That is what I have been doing since Friday.  I think that I have most of my note cards scanned and packaged for sale.  The event at work is on Wednesday of next week.  There are the note cards (most need hand painted and some are prints), note enclosure paper, laminated bookmarks and watercolor prints.

I just got off the phone with the Geek Squad about disabling the touch pad.  I will have to bring it back in for them to install the driver properly.  I think that I have been in to visit them at least once a week since I first brought the laptop in to be fixed.  That's okay because every time I go in I learn a little bit more.  They are really nice and patient there, even though I am so technologically challenged.

I also need to take the Christmas gifts for my great grandsons and get them shipped.


                                   Can you tell that the big one is a guitar?

Jessica and the boys Nick, Hunter and Carter

            Jessica and the boys.                                        Nick and the boys.

Nick is in the Navy and is stationed near Honolulu Hawaii and will be there for 3 years.

I  had better finish this for now and get out to ship the gifts and visit with the Geek Squad.

Okay, Angel, time for your ride!

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  1. Another person who scans. I've already scanned over 1,000 pictures into my computer and those were only my parents pictures. Mine are still in the garage...waiting. I have just a few slides left. Whew. It's been a fun/boring project. Slides take so long. It's all part of downsizing and will be worth it someday.

  2. The scanning was only my artwork. I haven't even started the pictures. In a previous post there is a picture of a stack of containers that contain the pictures that have to be scanned and distributed to the kids and other family members.