Saturday, October 9, 2010

Yard work, More painting, Wet Angel

Actually following through with what I said I would do, and worked in the yard.  After cutting the grass and then watering the grass in the front yard (the sprinkler heads have to be fixed), and watering the rest of the plants on the patio, I started another project outside.  A few months ago my son, Ted cut down the lemon tree.  Now I have to dig out the stump (a little at a time).  It's one way to get exercise and get something accomplished.   The planting areas have to be redefined too.


Trellis is to the left of the whole that I'm .digging.

DSCF0002            DSCF0005  

I think these are calla lilies. To the right is a camellia bush/tree and then  next to that is the trellis with the morning glories.

While watering the plants, I accidentally got Angel wet.  It was kind of funny, she took off and found her way over the backyard fence and around the back of the house to the back door, through the doggy door to hide in the house.  She is NOT crazy about water.

In the middle of the day, there was a nap and off and on through out the day I would work on painting cards, only 5 left.

That's it for today.  Sorry, it must be pretty boring for my readers, but that's what my life is like.   Every day is one day closer to the dream.  I'll just finish this post and spend some time catching  up on reading blogs. (They keep me motivated.  Thanks to you all for that.)

Thanks or visiting

Susan and Angel


  1. Not boring at all. I wish I would have had a blog when we were getting ready to full-time so that we had a record of what it was like to get everything taken care of before we hit the road.

    Keep up the good work, we'll be following your day to day progress towards your retirement.


  2. I think your morning glories are really pretty. They are so much fun. Have you tried the moon flower yet. I think it is from the morning glory family, but will often reseed itself. stay safe.