Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lost Keys, Shopping with Angel, Last ? of the Cards

This morning on my way out the door, on my way to church I started to panic.  My keys were lost.  I'm not too crazy about my usual routine being disrupted.   Okay where was I when I last had them?  That would be on Friday, when I measured the back opening to my van to see if I can get the picture in it.  So out to the locked car to I went.  Fortunately, I have a spare car key in my purse.  No keys!  Gone, including the house key, don't know where the spare is either.  I put Angel into her crate and off to church I went hoping that I will remember what I did with them.  No luck there, even went through my purse again.  So on the way out I remembered what my mother would do, so I got calm and said a prayer and asked Him to show me where they were,   It worked.  I went out to the car and opened the back door and there they were sitting on top of Angel's crate.     It's happened before.  I just have to trust that everything will work out and it will.

With that settled we went shopping.  Angel was almost out of food.  Yesterday morning she was shivering.  She needed a new sweater, because  the ones that I had were too small.  She could hardly move in them.  Off to Pet Smart for the food.  We checked out the sweaters there.  There was a nice selection, 17 to 20 $$$ +, I don't think so.  A woman I met there said that she found some at WalMart for $5.00. That's where I went.

                 That's her "luggage" on her harness.(it is for poopie bags)


In one of my earlier posts I had mentioned wanting to get a carrier so that I can take her into a store instead of leaving her out in the car.  I would usually leave her at home in her crate, but she spends so much time there I don't think it's fair to her.  Anyway I found a carrier that was missing the shoulder strap and wheels.  It scanned at nearly $30.00 , but I spoke with a manager and got it for $15.00.  At Pet Smart they were $50.00 and more.


DSCF0005 DSCF0006

She's not too crazy about it, but I put her in it at home and told her to "stay" and she did.

I just left the door open so that she can get used to it.  I think she will get used to it.  The front, back and one side are mesh and there is even a zippered pocket for her "stuff".  Even our animals have "stuff". LOL  Later on I may paint it to match my own luggage.

The rest of the afternoon I watched Sleepless in Seattle, and finished the rest of the cards, or so I thought.  I found some more, but that's okay.  These are  the Scottish Crest for Clan Donald, so they don't need to be done right away.  I also put together the stationery that have to be colored,  I'll do those at work.  There are a lot of extra copies that I can toss, but I think that I will put them aside for the grandkids.  They are always asking for paper to color on.  As you all know my daughter, Mellissa and her 3 kids will be moving back here to Sacramento, probably late December.

In answer to Pidge, no, I haven't tried or seen any moon flowers.  I'll keep an eye out for them, thanks for the suggestion.

That's it for today and probably for a few days.  One of my longer work weeks is coming up.

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Susan and Angel


  1. Glad you found your keys - don't you just hate it when that happens? We usually do find them, thank goodness.
    Angel is such a cutie. Katie gets that same look on her face when she is "minding" me, but not too happy about it. So sweet!
    Have a good week.

  2. Do the stores in California allow you to bring your dog inside with you? I know the pets stores do, but I'm surprised others allow it. :)

  3. Angel is such a cutie. I love it that she minds so well. Stay safe.

  4. Judy, I take Angel into Home Depot all the time, but other stores I usually don't, so I'll ask on days when it is to warm to leave her in the car. If they say no, I won't shop there. I asked at WalMart, the guy I talked to said he sees them in carriers all the time, but he wasn't in any position of authority, so it's probably no for there.