Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day, Unwelcome Surprise, Cat

Today I remember those that have gone before me, that have put their live on the line so that I can enjoy the freedoms that we have here in America, especially those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Thank you !!!!

This morning, I was up at 3:30 am to let a tanker in and since I was up already I got out my sewing machine and repaired a pair of pants for Jaime. Yesterday he asked if I has a needle and thread, but I just volunteered to fix them for him. ( I knew where the machine was, but not sure of the needle and thread ) With that done I just decided to get dressed and start the day and have breakfast.

I anticipated another slow day and thought that I would sit outside while it was still cool enough. When I opened the door, to my surprise, there were two young men standing inside the gate. They weren’t threatening, just asking for directions. Of course, they couldn’t speak English, but I could recognized “Cotulla”. I asked how they got inside the fence, I’m sure they didn’t understand the question. I informed them that Cotulla was 17 miles, pointing one way and that Big Wells was 5 miles in the other direction. They did understand that and started to go towards Big Wells, inside the fence. At that point I told the NO, NO, NO! They would have to go OUTSIDE, One of them started to leave by the gate, but the other one didn’t and I told him again NO. He motioned something, and all of a sudden there were 4 or 5 more young , very young men coming out from behind my rig. they all looked a bit worse for wear, carrying sleeping bags and an empty gallon jug. The didn’t ask for anything, only direction and all left by the road. I never got out of the coach. After I closed the gate, I called Border Patrol and gave them the information. I never felt threatened, but definitely was a bit startled. I let Jaime know that they were here. He says that it is rare that there have been any here on the ranch.

This happened at about 7 am and a while later when Isaac came through the gate to monitor one of the wells said that that explained why there was a helicopter flying low, searching near the wells on the ranch next to me, a little bit after 7 am. I haven’t heard if they caught them or not.

When Jaime came, I gave him the pants and we talked awhile about what to do when this happens and evidently I did the right thing, but suggested that I have some sort of protection. The only thing that I have is a can of wasp spray. I have no idea on how to shoot a gun and not sure if I would be able to use it. I later called the Border Patrol to see if they caught them, but he wasn’t able to give me any information. He said that what I did was okay, I could have just said I was calling the Border Patrol and closed the door and not even given them the directions. If there is a next time, that’s probably what I will do.

I have seen my first of the wildlife here on the ranch, a bobcat. It was crossing the road, about half way up the hill, way too far for me to get a picture. Jamie says that it was probably a bobcat, because if it were a mountain lion, it would have been bigger and had a long tail and there are more bobcats on the property. Knowing that they are close, I will continue to keep Angel on a cable and stay with her when she is outside.

Yes, other than the activity above, it has been a slow day. I continue to read my novel in between naps, read and comment on blogs. Jaime has called just to check on me, to see how I was doing, because of this morning, and I’m fine.

It’s time to get back to my novel, while I wait for a tanker to come back out.

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Susan and Angel


  1. I'm glad the illegal alien activity didn't cause you any harm. That's scarey, although I'd bet most of them just want to be invisible and on their way. I'd sure not answer my door if I didn't know who was out there. :)

  2. Keep the wasp spray and your cell phone near the door and definitely don't go out. Hope this never happens again.

  3. I forgot to mention that today is my youngest g-daughter's first double digit birthday. HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY Katelin

  4. Wow, excitement for you! I'm glad that Jaime is around, or nearby for help if you need it.

  5. Is telling them you are calling Border Patrol really a good ides? I would think that would upset them. Let them get on their way without you upsetting them.

  6. My heart is just a thumpin'....

    Traveling the countryside, no sleep, no water, man's land, illegal aliens, and bobcats. Or is it mountain lions? Who knows? Stay tuned. I am packing no heat and oh yeah, BTW, my granddaughter just turned 10!

    Reading a novel? Susan! You are a novel! :)

  7. And you call that a slow day??? Maybe slow work-wise, but certainly not excitement-wise!

    Geez. What a way to start your day.

    Good idea about keeping Angel close to you. We have an outdoor cage for our cats, but I'm not putting them outside how, no way. Not with snakes around.


  8. I'm glad it wasn't scary for you - not sure I wouldn't have been scared. Probably most of them are harmless but you be really careful.

  9. I think you did the right thing. I'm not sure I would tell them about calling the border patrol. Best to just get them away from you and on their way and then do the calling.

  10. OK FIRST OFF you NEED to get a rifle and have it sitting by your front door (shot gun mama) dad used to have one when we were little, I remember finding it in the back of your closet. Then do some target shooting there by your rig. Cans, bottles, and such. You should start looking out your windows before leaving your rig just on the safe side, that's when you would call Border Control if you see someone that shouldn't be there. I wouldn't tell them your calling because I think it might start trouble and being by yourself won't be on your side if someone desides to go at you. Just PLEASE stay safe mom. We love you and Katelin said thank you.

  11. Sounds pretty scary. I'm glad you're okay. You certainly are having some interesting experiences!

  12. This was the scenario I was concerned about with your solo gate guarding in South Texas. This is not about you being a woman; I would have the same concern for a man doing the same job solo. Personally, I think you rock for taking it on!

    What I am about to say comes from hoping you stay safe and enjoy your experience. These are my own opinions. Remember I'm a Texan gal, born and bred. :)

    Do NOT suggest in speech or manner that you are going to call Border Patrol. You do not want retaliation, either instant or future. If illegals understand no other English, it's a safe bet they understand "Border Patrol." (They may very well understand English but pretend not to.) Of course, DO call, but not in front of them or suggest that you will.

    Have some means to protect yourself. Personally, I would have a firearm of some sort. Everyone knows the sound of a shotgun pump and you don't have to be an expert shot with it. Whether a hand gun, rifle or shotgun, please consider this - it may come in handy for snakes, etc. Safe handling of a firearm is empowering and, hey, shooting cans is fun. Better to know how to safely handle a firearm and not have to use it than to have needed one and been without/clueless. Gun shops (at least in Texas ) typically have safe handling courses frequently. If you don't already know how to safely handle, sign up for a class if you purchase a firearm. Been there, done that. No one ever wants to have to discharge their weapon, but in a life-threatening situation it's good to know it's there and how to use it.

    If you are opposed to firearms, please at least visit a gun shop or sporting goods store (an honest-to-good one, not just Walmart) and get 2 or 3 of the pepper spray or Mace personal canisters. They are easy to clip on a keychain or belt loop or in a pocket. Have one on your person at all times.

    DO go to Walmart and get a big pair of men's work boots. Scuff 'em up, muddy them up, rip 'em up so they look worn and put 'em right outside the door of your rig. Folks might think you are not alone.

    Again, this comes from the heart with hopes that you stay safe and get a kick out of your adventures as a gate guard!

    Warm hugs,

  13. Susan,

    I received the Napping Blogger Award and passed it on to you and your blog! See my writer blog at :)

    1. Thank you , what do ido with it?

  14. I DO NOT LIKE THIS!!!! I am not a "happy camper" right now mother... ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh