Thursday, May 24, 2012

Moving Day, More Like Two


                               Sooooo  Loooonnng  Site A1H

Tuesday.    Well it is finally going to happen.  I just spoke to Roger, my supervisor.  They will be bringing out a couple to put in the site  that I am in, although, I don’t know if it will be this morning or this afternoon.  Whenever it happens, I’m ready.  All I have to do is pull in the slides and hook up.

           DSC01306   DSC01307

      Feels weird when “things” are put away, kind of like at and RV Show.

Yesterday, when the sun was low in sky and it was cooler, I cleaned the patio rug, both sides, folded it up and put it away. I made sure that the empty water bottles are in the truck, so that I can run to the HEB in Carrizo Springs before I man the new gate.  I have plenty of dry or canned food but the refrigerator is getting a bit bare.  I need to stock up on some dairy products and fresh fruit ( I have frozen and dried ) and vegetables.  At least where I will be, won’t be as far (not by much, though, about 20 miles closer) for my sister to go when she comes with my mail if I need her to go to the store for me.

I brought Sally and Bob up to date on what I was doing on their new gate. (It is actually the first time for them as well. It will definitely be “Baptism by Fire” for them as well as it was for me.) It won’t be as hard on them, because there are two of them and they have each other for relief. I think that they will do well. They are an older couple and have a big 5ver like me. I gave them my cell number if they have any questions.

      DSC01311   DSC01308

                         Hello New Site,,,    Wells,  E3H,  C1H and  C4H

It ended up being just about dark before I got to the new gate.  For anyone interested, it is located on Texas FM 468 about half way between the TX 85 and Cotulla.  the closest town would be Cotulla, but Carrizo Springs is larger and has most of the major chains, small WalMart and HEB for groceries and there is also some where to refill my water bottles.

Since David and his family were in the process of packing and had not yet moved their TT, I just parked without unhitching (I should have) to spend the night.  I put my BR slide out and went to bed.  It was sooo nice to be in my bed and get some sleep, about 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep.  David is the one that is part of the support staff for all their GGs.and is so very much behind.  They are understaffed and work worse hours than what I had.  (Salaried , not Hourly).  I wouldn’t want their job for any amount of $$$. They just hired more people, but still have to train them.  Anyway he didn’t get home until 3:30 am, so I had to wait.  Meanwhile his wife, Cassandra (who has been doing this gate solo), went over how they want the logs made out and finished her packing.  I watched the gate while she took their son to school.  When David finally got up he got their TT ready for the road and moved it out.  He would be back to set it all up.

I was ready to move “My Spot” into the pace and uh oh, I couldn’t start the truck.  With not unhitching I had drained the batteries.  Cassandra tried to jump it but theirs is a 3/4 ton and mine is a 1 ton.(not enough power, so now we had to wait until David came back with 1 ton work truck.  We waited and waited, so I finally called Coach Net and they would send someone out from Carrizo Springs.  David showed up first and got it started and I cancelled Coach Net.  Once I moved into the space, we got all the hook ups connected, David went on to set up a couple of more sites.(another long day for him)  The only reason I’ve gone into so much detail is to explain why I have been a bit frustrated with this gig.  The people here are great, but there really is a need fore gate guards and the support staff.  It is not for everyone, but it is a way to make some $$$ in a short period of time and it is something that you can come back to if you need to replenish that cushion that we all would like to have.

One good thing is that I have lined up someone to relive me when I HAVE to go into town.  David’s cousin Crystal came over to work the gate for me so that I could go into Carrizo Springs.  I went to WalMart, HEB and filled up my water bottles.  I also got some Heavy Duty water hoses to replace the one that split last week.  It was a good thing because while I was gone, it split again.  Crystal had already fixed it by the time I got back.  Now that I am here and it is beginning to look like home again, I feel so much better.  Last night, after the last truck came out and the Safety Guy came in (he stays over night –12 hour shift),  I waited a little while and then hoping that no one else would come, I took that long awaited shower.  It felt soooo good!!!   I wasn’t sure how the rest of the night would go, so I slept in the recliner, I think that I will try the bed tonight.  I just have to be prepared to get up to open the gate. Oh BTW, it is automated, I just have to push a button. That is so nice.  

I am a morning person and I really like facing the East. I leave the door open and turn the A/C up to 80*, that when it kicks on I know that it is time to close the door.  The other good part is that I have shade from the rig  in the afternoon, don’t need the awning and can sit outside until the bugs take over.  So for all of you out there that have had concerns for my situation out here, first thank you for those concerns and  it is so much better now. I just need to readjust to this new gate and do it their way.


                                        new kinds of wild flowers

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DSC01318Alrighty then, bring ‘em on!  I’m ready!

Susan and Angel


  1. So glad you are at your new gate and all set up. I sure hope it works out better for you. Lack of sleep is not a good thing. You certainly are a trouper!

    1. There are even periods in the afternoon that I can take a nap. I can figure out how long any type of vehicle is here and judge accordingly. If its a truck hauling crude oil, it takes about an hour and a half and if it's a water truck, only about 45 minutes.
      The rest of the people are just monitoring the wells. In and out rather quickly. The ranch foreman comes in the morning for totals to give to the owner.

  2. You will probably never have problems of this magnitude with future jobs. It seems like the first job has the most quirks to work out. Hope the new gate is easier and works better for you.

  3. At least a valuable lesson learned - when overnighting hitched up, unplug the 5er from the truck. :) Bet you won't forget that again! Glad you've got a less hectic gate. It may even seem much easier after learning the ropes at the other one!

    1. I did this once before, evidently, I'm a slow learner.
      You're right about the first gate, definitely, baptism by fire. This gate is a piece of cake compares to the other.

  4. Didn't seem like being on call 24 hrs a day was a good way to start. I have to give you a thumbs up for doing it at all. Retirement? Sounds like work to me.

    1. I am stil on call 24/7, but it is more predictable and fewer vehicles have to have access.
      Retirement, that was in January and short lived. This WORK, but it is only temporary, then I can go back to doing the work for site and FHUs. I will always have to do that. SS doesn't go very far.

  5. Glad to hear you got moved and settled into what will hopefully be an easier gate for one person. Is it a 12 hour gate? Looks like there is some shade there and some wildflowers. Looks like we won't be having any rain any time soon so will probably be dry and dusty. May cut down on the mosquitoes though.

  6. No, it's still 24/7, but it is a production gate, so there is less activity and those who com in are on some what of a schedule depending on what's happening around the area.
    There is some shade, but nothing I can sit under. I am finding fewer mosquitos, but there are still flies, at least those I can see. Between Angel and I we will conquer those pesky thiings.
    There is a bit of dust, but not like the other one. Most of the road Is hard packed caliche.

  7. I'm glad it seems to be a slower gate. I really didn't like you going without sleep mom. Thats never a good thing. Eventually it would affect your health. And YES you have drained your truck before. And it's not that you are a slow learner you just have CRS disease lol. Well I do love you posting on here and will ttyl love ya mom.

  8. Wow, you are sooo brave! How did you find this gig anyway?

    1. There's lots of info on rv-dreams forum, and from bloggers that have done it. I just need the $$$$ . You gotta do what you gotta do!