Thursday, May 17, 2012


I’m back!  I have been having problems getting on the internet.  Where I am, I have 5 bars with an E.  So I’m on the edge and it is slower and it comes and goes.  I’m not the only one that is having problems, but they can leave and go get a better signal. 

First of all the wrist is much improved.  I still have it wrapped, but no longer need ice on it. I also have been getting a little more sleep, but that won’t last very long.

The rig was brought in, first of the week, but it hasn’t worked.  The Top Drive didn’t work and they had to get another one from back East.  It just came through the gate.

DSC01291  DSC01292  DSC01293

So it won’t be long before the start drilling and there will be a lot more traffic.

       DSC01275                 DSC01276 

                            this is the  crane that raises the rig  on it’s way out

With the crew just coming and going, because they really haven’t had much to do, it’s been pretty easy.  There are cables across the road that rings a bell. (like at a take out window at a fast food restaurant)  Most of the time I don’t even have to get out, just open the door and check who it is , note the time and they are gone.  When they come in, because of the way my rig is situated, I can read their license plate and ask who they are, note the information and they are on their way.  I figure that for every vehicle that comes in and out it takes, maybe two or three minutes (max)

When they come through the gate in or out, that’s when I’m working and that’s what I get paid for.  The rest of the time is mine and I can do what ever I want.  I just have to do it HERE.  I have plenty to do.  Just reading and catching up on blogs takes quite a bit of time and I don’t do it all at once.  I am also reading the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.  These are hard copies and I’ve read them several times.  The reason that I keep them is because they are signed by the author.

I have finally gotten into a routine.

In the morning, after breakfast, I usually sit outside in the shade of the rig. (unless it’s raining )  By noon it is too hot, so I move it all inside and get something for lunch.  Sometimes it is what I didn’t eat earlier.


                             my morning outside work station

I don’t get TV reception and the only radio is Country or Spanish and I’m not interested in either, I just listen to the birds, and wildlife, (aka, dogs, horses and chickens.)  The advantage to this is that I can hear the traffic coming, (inside or outside) so I know to get out there to get information before they are here. 

    DSC01281  DSC01287  DSC01264

           one of the dogs                      the horses                    the chickens

When I am sitting at my table inside, I can see who’s coming in the gate and I have a mirror se t to see the road coming back out to the gate. It seems to work and is just smoother this way. They don’t have to wait, except for me to get the who, what and why.  They like that. 

I have had only two  run the gate without stopping.   One of them game back today, He thought that he had stopped and apologized.  They just want to leave, many of them have been here for days.  I really don’t blame them, but I have my job to do and they are legal documents that I fill out. 

DSC01284  DSC01283  DSC01288

      mud everywhere               new speed limit sign              beginning to dry out

When the sun is low in the sky, I will, maybe just have some steak jerky or Greek yogurt and then sometimes just sit on the stairs instead of getting the chairs out again.  I will usually clean off the dirt on the stairs, inside floor and the rug outside at this time after it has dried.  Then around 8:00 pm I close the gate and then I do have to get out to open it when any one goes through.  I try to get some sleep usually sometime after 9;00 pm.  There hasn’t been too much traffic in the evening, but that will change once they get the Top Drive installed.

Angel’s Routine ;   Sleep in for as long as she wants.  When I go out side and she decides to come out to go potty, I put her on her cable and she just lays in her chair, on the rug, in or out of the shade.  She likes the sun, but goes back and forth,  She just watches everything that goes on, the wildlife, in addition to what’s mentioned above, there are lizards and all kinds of bugs, flying and crawling.  She notices them, but isn’t fascinated by them, maybe a little bit for the flying ones.


                             the hunter,  looking for that pesky fly

When inside, she eats, sleeps, chases and sometime catches flies or moths. and pretty much anything she wants to do.  I have been sleeping in the recliner (just easier and it is comfortable)   Sometime she sleeps in my lap and sometimes she will sleep on my pillows in my bed.  I guess that this rig is really Angel’s and I’m here to supply her with whatever makes her happy.  She’s not spoiled, just indulged.

The routine will probably be about the same, except I’ll be “working” more and sleeping less.  The busiest time lasts for 5 or 6 days.   I’m still hoping that they can find a slower or 12 hour gate.  Someone is supposed to be working on it.  Prayers Work!  Thank  you all for your concerns and well wishes for my wrist, all are appreciated.

That’s about it from out in the middle of nowhere.

Thanks for visiting


Susan and Angel


  1. Oh Susan... you are doing what Bill & I plan to do this fall.... so I'm reading all the "gate-guard" blogs that I can find to see what's ahead of us. Where is the "other" Angel parked now? What shifts does he work? Just wondering....

    1. The other Angel is about 1/2 mile down the road, same well, I think. He too is doing it solo. I guess he is doing okay too. Someone brought him a phone, but I don't know the number, so I haven't talked to him.
      I like the job, but it really is better for couples to relieve each other.

  2. So glad your wrist is better today. Not fun to be in pain and have to work, too. I would definitely agree that this would be a much easier job for two people. At least some of your sleep would be uninterrupted. Angel is doing a great job at protecting her home. Nice she lets you visit sometimes. lol

  3. I'm glad they are working on a different gate for you. I can see the time you actually work is not much, but since you don't have any uninterrupted time to sleep, I think it would be hard. Glad your wrist is getting better. You're a trooper! :) And Angel is darling as usual!

  4. Hope you keep your health. Lack of sleep isn't good! Definitely would be good to have some relief, but I guess that won't happen anytime soon!